Drake And Bieber Drop ‘One-Dance’ Remix And It Is Straight Fire

If you’re anything like me, you sing Drake’s newest single “One Dance” everywhere you go. Whether I’m walking into work, a coffee shop or even church, I am 100% singing, “Grips on your waist / Front way, back way / You know that I don’t play,” in my head. There’s just something about the dance vibe and sexy lyrics that I can’t get enough of.

If I thought this was my favorite song, I was wrong: the only way to make “One Dance” any better is to add Justin Bieber. The Bieb’s newest remix dropped Saturday night, and believe me, I stopped the entire bar to listen to it.

Justin’s having one hell of a year: practically overnight he went from semi-annoying teenage boy that sang that obnoxious song “Baby” to one of the top performers and artists of our time, totally reinventing his sound. Speaking as a former hardcore Bieber-hater, I’ve completely changed my mind ever since Purpose dropped.

Bieber continues to slay in this remix, making Drake’s original song even more sensual and fun than it already was. Who knew that putting two Canadians together could be so sexy?

Give it a listen here and comment what you think!

Unfortunately the full song has been removed off Soundcloud and YouTube.

Featured image via “Justin Bieber, Oslo 2015” by NRK P3 /CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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