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11 Basic Instagram Posts You’ll Be Guilty Of This Summer

You’re beyond ready for summer! Finals are over and you’re already probably daydreaming about day drinks, beaches, days filled with tanning and nights filled with partying. While this is the ideal summer, most of you will sadly be working throughout the week. But isn’t that what summer weekend getaways are for? With more time to relax, that means that you have more photo-worthy posts to hype up your Instagram. Instead of posts captioned ‘stuDYING’ and ‘counting down til summer’, it’ll be ‘oh summer sixteen’. No matter how many filters or themes you add to your photos, all the ~different~ Instagram posts are probably basic AF and that’s okay.

Below are 11 Instagram posts that you’ll likely be posting for the next four months:

  1. #TGIF
    If you’re one of the lucky or unlucky ones (depending on how you see it) that works throughout the summer, the same question will run through your head every day – is it Friday yet? The only way to vent is to post photos of you “literally dying” and counting down the minutes until you can catch up with everyone else.
  1. #Starbucks
    These posts are different from your Fall PSL, Winter holiday drinks, or Spring drinks post. This is summer, meaning you can freely enjoy Starbucks‘ summery cold drinks. How could you not post a picture?
  1. #beachdays
    Wasting a weekend at a beach is always fun. You have your favorite beach restaurant, the water, sports, activities, and most importantly – a place to tan. There’s nothing like spending a day out on the beach sipping on some mai tais while tanning.

  1. #travel
    When else can you essentially travel for four months without any responsibilities or cares other than when you’re in college? Obviously, you want to include everyone in your trip hence the posts. Not because you want to make them jealous, right?
  1. #daydrinks
    Patio days are the best days. You can substitute the patio for a rooftop but at the end of the day – any day wasted getting drunk is a day well spent.
  1. #prepared
    Whether you’re jet setting off to another country, going on a weekend getaway, or really just going down for a day trip…you’ll one time or another most likely post a photo looking like the one below just to show everyone that you’ve come prepared for a good time.

  1. #nature
    I truly believe that nature is most appreciated when there’s beautiful weather because, well, you can actually enjoy it. Whether your reason for going on an adventure is to party, go on a hike, take a break from the city – you know that being in nature will always be Instagram worthy (despite the bugs).
  1. #bae
    Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, Clique, Squad – label your summer group however you want but there’ll be endless photos of you and your group throughout your Instagram. You don’t want anyone thinking you spent summer alone, do you? The people you spend your summer with are the ones who will be responsible for all your great memories, so why not broadcast to the world just how amazing they are.
  1.  #concert
    SO many big stars are going on tour this summer, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make it out at least one of the concerts in your city. Grab your group, make it a day together and be prepared to sing every word and share on Snapchat/Instagram to make sure everyone knows you went.
  1.  #summersixteen
    Summer was meant for parties. From when you’re a kid, you are taught that summer is the best time with no school, homework, or responsibilities. That mentality shouldn’t stop just because you’re a working adult now! Embrace the good weather, get your work done, and party because summer doesn’t last forever. Who wants to go out in the cold and party anyways?

Embrace the sunshine, care-free attitude, and waste your days when you can. Summer is a time to be cliché, basic, or whoever else you want to be. Good or bad – pictures should always be a must, because let’s be real, the best memories are made at 2 AM on a cool summer night. To keep up with Unwritten this summer, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @readunwritten.

Featured image via Jose Martinez on Unsplash



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