5 Things You’re Not Doing With Your Skin But Need To

There is an overwhelming amount of articles out there telling you how and why you should take care of the skin on your face. And while I wholeheartedly agree on the importance of taking care of your face (which is something I am definitely guilty of not taking care of), I think there is entirely not enough emphasis on the care routine that’s necessary for the skin on the rest of your body.

As someone whose skin is about as moist as a piece of burnt toast, this is an area that I really need to improve on.

Recently, I got to a point where I was really sick of the papery, patchy skin I was starting to notice, and I decided to do something about it. And so I’ve created a comprehensive list of all the tips and tricks I’ve learned and accumulated, so you don’t have to experience the trial and error that I did.

Moisturize From The Inside Out

You can slather on as much lotion as you want, but your skincare will be MUCH more effective if you’re fueling your wellness from the inside, your battle on the outside will only be half as hard. The best things to take for dewy skin are: Omega 3-Fish Oil, Biotin, and Coconut Oil. (As an added bonus, all these things also enhance the moisture and strength of your hair.)

Start Exfoliating

Getting a good exfoliant is a lot harder than you think. It’s harder than just grabbing a handful of granulated sugar from your pantry and scrubbing it onto your body. And you definitely want something that’s going to not only be good for your skin, but also good for the environment (none of those nasty microbeads that are destroying the environment). Lucky for you, I tried a few, and here are my two favorites: Otavea exfoliants and Honor Body Scrubs. The Otavea scrubs are gentle enough that my husband uses them on his face(carefully) and the oils in them keep your skin moisturized once you wash off the scrub, rather than leaving your skin quenched. The Honor Body Scrub that I love is the coffee scrub. The caffeine in the coffee helps tighten your skin, making this ideal for the booty area (goodbye stretch marks).

Use A Good External Moisturizer

I’m not just talking about a lotion to cover your body with, and then just call it good. You don’t want to put something really heavy on an area that doesn’t need it. I like to use a body butter on my really dry areas (think elbows, feet, knees, and hands), but I use something lighter on my upper body (especially my decolletage, because the pores there can get clogged so easily). On my chest I honestly use the same Neutrogena moisturizer that I use on my face, because it’s lightweight but does the job really well. Whatever you’re currently using on your face is probably the perfect solution for that tender skin on your chest. 

Deep Condition

Sometimes the everyday lotion isn’t enough, and it usually isn’t. Just like you do a hair mask when your hair is feeling particularly quenched, do the same for your body! After I take a shower, I like to slather on coconut oil, and let it soak in while I dry my hair or do my makeup. Then I pat myself dry gently before putting my clothes back on. This way I’m letting the vitamins and moisture soak into my skin for as long as possible.

Actually Use SPF

We all know by now that the sun can be really damaging to your skin. And while getting sunburned (or overly tan) isn’t entirely avoidable, it is possible to prevent a little. If you’re going to be outside, put an SPF 15-30 on after your regular lotion, to protect your skin from harmful UVs. Most make up offers SPF selections to help you out, too. No use going to all this effort to have your skin foiled by our favorite bright star.

Taking care of your skin is easy, and not enough people pay attention to the cries for help that their flaky skin is saying. Everyone’s skin is different, and so it may take you a while to find the right lotions and moisturizers for your specific skin type, but that’s okay. You need to not only love the skin you’re in, but treat it like you do.

Featured image via The Creative Exchange on Unsplash


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