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Why This One YouTuber Will Inspire You In Ways You Never Imagined

Since my first year of university has come to a close, I have not only been binge watching Netflix shows, but also YouTube videos, specifically that of Casey Neistat’s. I have been a fan of Casey since he uploaded his “Make It Count” video in 2012, and ever since he started vlogging, my love for him deepened. There is just something about his character, his charisma, and the way he produces his vlogs that attracted me more into watching his videos over anyone else’s. And ever since he started vlogs, he quickly became one of the most respected YouTubers in the world. Here are 4 reasons why I – and the world – love Casey Neistat:

  1. He values people in his life:

On almost every single video of Casey’s mentions how much he values his family and friends. He approaches these values with such happiness and a manner of thankfulness since these people has made such a big impact in his life. One of my favourite videos of his that truly portrayed this was when an old colleague and friend of his was featured in his “That Time In Afghanistan” vlog. He praises his friend Roger, and how he has helped shape Casey’s life, especially the time Casey went to Afghanistan as a journalist, throughout the whole video. He states at the end, “I only spent a whole week with that guy, but that week was so like instrumental and so impactful to me. I honestly feel like he’s family to me.”

  1. He speaks the truth, even if everyone is afraid to say it out loud themselves:

In Casey’s vlog, “Scariest Day of My Life,” he states the truth about the way experiences and education shapes a person’s life through his 9/11 story. Now, this video was very powerful and strong that I had chills while watching. He really goes in-depth in the fear that he felt during those times the two planes hit the Twin Towers. I learnt from him that no matter how tough you are, you will experience something greater than you in your life at some point that will change you forever. Casey is a tough looking man, having finished many marathons and done pretty daredevil things, but having him admit to having experienced fear shows character.

  1. He is productive and inspiring:

One thing about Casey Neistat is that he gets his shit done. Whether it be his work responsibilities, YouTube, Family time, or anything, he prioritizes them and gets them done, no matter what the weather is like or where he is. He had one vlog where he woke up at an ungodly hour at like 3 or 4am to workout, and then catch a 5am flight. That’s how committed he is in getting his life organized and productive. And he even created a video on motivation and productivity called, “What’s Your Motivation?” In this vlog, he states the most mature and inspiring thing I’ve heard anyone say: “I’m here (on one side) and my dreams and aspiration are here (on the other side), and the only thing in between is work. So tackling that work is a way of moving this needle. I love progress in any manifestation.”

  1. Materialistic things are not his number 1 priority:

Casey has always addressed in his videos that he does not care about material objects. If he thinks that an object is not necessary to buy, he will not get it, and will often fight with his wife for buying such things. Casey has addressed before that he wasn’t as successful as he is now before, and to get to where he is now in life was a hassle and struggle. Thus, he values important things like people and relationships that have stayed through thick and thin, and not material objects that could be replaced easily.

YouTube has become one of the most influential and phenomenal platforms, but having a person like Casey share videos filled with inspiration, positivity and hold true values, really makes the platform the worthwhile. There are many YouTube personalities that have become very invested in their egos, prides, and materials that their videos have turned to trash, having no themes of love or positivity. It’s all about pranks, makeup tutorials and challenges that really influences the way young people think about themselves and what’s “cool”. Having Casey Neistat’s videos around really gives some of us hope merely by being a great role model and entertainer.

Featured image via “Casey Neistat @ SXSW 2017” by nrkbeta / CC BY-SA 2.0



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