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11 Adorable Elephant GIFs To Brighten Up Your Monday

If you know me at all, you know that I have a slight obsession with elephants. I don’t know how it started, or why, or when. But I love elephants. First of all, they have perfect memories. Elephants never forget anything. If you feed an elephant a peanut in a zoo and come back thirty years later, they’ll have a memory of that. Secondly, they’re lucky. In some countries, elephants are considered good luck. And finally, they’re just so freaking adorable.

To prove to all of you that my obsession is not as weird as it first seems, I’ve compiled a list of baby elephants you need in your life, either for fun or to vastly improve your day.

  1. This baby who’s just trying to figure out what his trunk is supposed to do.

I mean seriously, how cute is this? He’s saying, “Mommmm, what am I supposed to do with this?”

  1. This adorable one who wants to know why the chicken crossed the road.

Look at how intent this one looks to figure out the age-old joke. I imagine he’s still confused though.

  1. This sleepy little one.

Clearly, whatever her mom is talking about is super boring to her. She just needs a nap, okay?

  1. This one saying hello to a baby giraffe.

I imagine this little baby is saying, “Hello. Let’s be friends. But also, this is my side of the fence. Stay on your side.”

  1. This cuddle bug.

This is literally my dream. I want an elephant to cuddle with me. If you find one, send it my way. Look how cute and cuddly!!

  1. These two having family time in the mud.

Family time is the best time. These two are really just enjoying their time together.

  1. This future soccer star.

David Beckham better look out, or this guy might replace him soon.

  1. This little one who really doesn’t want to finish bath time.

“But mommmmm, I don’t wanna take my bath today!”

  1. This little one who really wants to finish bath time.

Maybe before this one takes another bath, someone should teach him how to properly step into it first.

  1. This one with a future in ribbon twirling.

I’m giggling. He’s so spastic and excited about his talents!

  1. And finally, this little guy who just wants you to have the best day ever.

This cutie pie just hopes you have the best day and that it’s full of smiles and happiness and giggles all day.

If your day wasn’t made just the tiniest bit better by these adorable baby elephants, come find me, and I will explain to you why these babies are so cute. Just look at their little faces! They’re so happy and they are loving animals. Best of all: they’re so excited to be alive, and they want you to feel that way too.

Featured Image via Unsplash



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