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Here’s How Wonderful The World Would Be Without The Kardashians

Have you ever thought about what would happen if one day the Kardashians just fell off the face of the Earth? Or better yet, didn’t exist at all? Can you think of the last time you made it through one single day without hearing the name Kardashian, West or Jenner? To wake up one morning and actually hear something newsworthy – not just controversy over a photo-shopped picture that may or may not have enlarged Khloe’s rear end or Kylie’s lips. Let us imagine a time where there is no reality TV family taking over our lives, and just think of all the good it would do:

  1. We could go back to hearing about/looking up to people who have actual talent. You all remember the entire Kardashian/Jenner family cashed in on Kim’s sex tape, right?

2. Lips would be normal sizes versus the size of beach balls.

3. Selfies would not be a thing; Okay not AS much of a thing, but we would not have self-sticks or mirror selfies.

4. We would all have more time on our hands instead of making ugly crying memes of Kim or just making fun of the family in general.

5. The internet would contain more breaking news. Not just “breaking” the internet over another Kardashian getting naked. Again.

6. Our future children could have semi-normal names. Examples of ludicrous names: North West and Saint West.

7. Women would stop thinking this is okay and trying to seek attention in all the wrong ways. This is not a role model.

8. We can put some focus back on major priorities like focusing on your life and your family instead of keeping up with their strange reality family.

9. We can go back to speaking proper English. Like Literally.

10. Finally, wouldn’t it be nice to gain back some brain cells we have lost after hearing about all the ridiculous things that this family does with their lives?

At least give us a break from this family! It may put the E! Channel out of business, but it may be worth it to regain our lives, self-respect and brain cells.

Featured image via “137223_5306” by Walt Disney Television / CC BY-ND 2.0


  1. Can you imagine someone writing what the world would be like without you? I’m appalled by what you choose to contribute to the world. Find something else to do with your time and maybe you’ll find happiness for yourself instead of focusing on what you don’t like about others. Look in the mirror #scrud


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