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13 Signs You’re Turning Into A Crazy Cat Lady

Face it, if you’re reading this article right now, there is a really good chance that you already know that you’re turning into a cat lady (or cat gentlemen). You love cats and you’re not afraid to express it! If these 13 signs ring true for you, you’re probably already a crazy cat lady.

1. Your entire wardrobe is decked out with cat-themed clothing.

You have decided that the only way you can fully express your love of cats is by wearing them everywhere you go. This way, everyone else is aware of your love of cats just by looking at you! You can never seem to have too many cat-themed clothes and accessories.

2. Your home is catered to your cat’s every need.

There’s no shame in having a scratching post in every single room. Or even having a cat playground installed into your living space. When your cats are happy, you are happy.

3. You don’t just play Neko Atsume, you’re obsessed with it. You have even bought Neko Atsume stickers, clothing, accessories, etc.

Damn you Tubbs.

4. You refer to your cat(s) as your children.

You love them like they are your flesh and blood, so why not refer to them that way?

5. You can never have too many lint rollers.

The fact that your cat’s hair is absolutely everywhere doesn’t even bother you anymore. You have a lint roller for every room of the house, one for your car, and even one for your purse.

6. You force your cat to snuggle with you.

Even though your cats don’t enjoy it nearly as much as you do, you figure snuggling is the least they can do. You feed them, buy them cute little cat toys, and suffer through cleaning their nasty litter box every day. Snuggling can’t possibly be too much to ask!

7. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are loaded with pictures of you and your cat.

You figure that your life pretty much revolves around your cat, so your Facebook might as well be dedicated to them too. No shame.

8. You even created an Instagram completely dedicated to your cat.

Sure, posting pictures of your cat on your personal account is fun, but giving them their own profile means that you can dedicate an entire account to spreading their cuteness! In fact, you can’t help but post a picture of them every hour because they are just so darn cute.

9. Scooping poop is part of your daily routine.

You have accepted that you will probably be cleaning up poop for the rest of your life. However, you know that it is a small price to pay for having a lovable furry friend.

10. You spend more money on your cat than yourself.

Whether it be buying your cat gourmet tuna, a specialty cat bed, countless toys, or a weekly supply of catnip, you enjoy spending money on your cat. You have realized that a happy cat = happy you!

11. You literally don’t understand how someone could NOT love cats.

There is nothing worse than going out on a date and finding out the other person doesn’t like cats. Cat people are the best people and you can’t imagine dating someone that doesn’t love cats as much as you do.

12. Sometimes your love for cats literally stresses you out.

Sometimes you think about all the cats that need a home and you literally have to force yourself into thinking about something else before you start to cry.

13. You take being called a crazy cat lady as compliment.

Every time someone calls you a crazy cat lady, you can barely contain your excitement. You think it’s an honor!

If you relate to all or most of these signs, there is a good chance that you are definitely preparing yourself for a life full of cats, cats, and more cats. You love cats and you’re proud of it! Embrace the crazy cat lady lifestyle, because that’s where you’re headed!

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels



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