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Nick, Kevin And Joe Jonas Just Revealed Exciting News

Do you remember the original JB? While I love Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers were definitely the OG JB. It seems just yesterday that Camp Rock and new episodes of Jonas L.A were airing on Disney Channel. If only good things lasted forever, and bands never broke up.

It’s been close to three years since my heart was broken by the Jonas Brothers. I took their breakup hard – after all, they were the original teen heartthrobs of the 2000s. Since the split, all three have gone their separate ways but have remained supportive of one another’s endeavours (I guess they have to as part of the bro code). Yesterday, all three of the Jo Bros decided that they’d all drop individual news ranging from tours, performances, and family announcements all on the same day. To celebrate, it’s time to see what our beloved Jo Bros have been up to since they cancelled their tour and broke up by deleting all their Jonas Brothers related social media accounts.

Kevin Jonas

Kevin and his wife Danielle announced their pregnancy in the cutest post ever on Instagram. This will be baby number 2 for the adorable couple, can you believe that Alena Rose is already 2?!

Since the split, Kevin went on to appear on Celebrity Apprentice before being fired by the second episode. He also became a contractor (apparently?) according to a cameo he made on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. He also seems to be part of the number one gaming app on the iTunes store, Quebed. Of all the three brothers, Kevin is the one that has been in the spotlight the least since the band ended. However, congratulations to him and Danielle who have been together for seven years, a lifetime in Hollywood standards.

Joe Jonas

Joe and his band DNCE just announced that they will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd!

Between his highly publicized relationship with Gigi Hadid, solo singles, and the creation of his new band DNCE – Joe has been busy since the end of the Jo Bros. He’s also made a cameo appearane in Zoolander 2 and played the part of Johnny Casino in Fox’s Grease: Live! DNCE is currently on tour and their hit song “Cake by the Ocean” was recently certified platinum.

Nick Jonas

Nick and Demi Lovato who are co-headlining a tour this summer just took a stand and cancelled both of their shows in North Carolina due to the state’s discriminatory HB2 law.

Nick broke my heart again when he and Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo split up in 2015 after close to two years together. After the end of the Jo Bros, Nick has went on to act in various television shows such as Hawaii Five-0, Kingdom, and Scream Queens. He also took on his first lead actor role in a feature film in Careful What You Wish For, and is currently filming his latest film, Goat. On the music front, Nick released his second solo single Nick Jonas and re-released it in 2015 with additional tracks titling it Nick Jonas X2. This year, he has been releasing hit after hit singles and announced that his upcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated will be released in June, 2016. Nick and Demi also started up their own record label, Safehouse Records with their manager Phil McIntyre.

The Bonus Jonas – Frankie Jonas

From stalking his Instagram page, it seems that Frankie Jonas has gone from the adorable ‘Bonus Jonas’ kid hanging with his brothers to a modern day Millenial hipster. Do you Frankie.

Congratulations to all the boys on their achievements! 2016 is off to a great start for all three members of the Jonas Brothers. While I have come to acknowledge that their split is real and has been for the past three years, the nostalgic part in me hopes that they will reunite (like every other boy band) and reignite my love for them once again. All I’m asking for is a surprise reunion at a concert boys.

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