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The 5 Minute Makeup Routine For The Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time

There are going to be many mornings in our lives where a girl just doesn’t have an hour to spend on her makeup. This is why we have the easy, 5-minute makeup routine that can make every girl feel confident when she walks out the door.

For this routine, all you’ll need is 5 products that are effective and inexpensive. You probably have them in your makeup collection already, which makes this routine that much easier. So assuming you’ve already woken up and done your morning routine, brushing your teeth, washing your face, moisturizing, etc, now comes the time where you need to, as they say, “put your face on.” 

  1. Conceal, conceal, conceal!

First off, putting foundation on can be time-consuming and also sometimes just really unnecessary. To cut down on time just get a good concealer that fits your skin type and conceal the areas where you have issues. This is most likely under your eyes and that difficult blemish or two you have on your cheek or forehead. Some brands I recommend are the Superstay Better Skin Concealer by Maybelline and The Great Cover Up by em cosmetics.

  1. Powder

Powder is your new best friend. It will set the concealer in place and also smooth your skin to give you that beautiful porcelain look. This is also the product that can change your look; depending on the powder, you can keep a matte classy look or you can change it up and have a nice dewy fresh look. An inexpensive powder that I swear by is the Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder. Added bonus is that it comes in different skin types and it’s available for variety of skin tones.

  1. Liquid eyeliner/pencil eyeliner/gel eyeliner

The best way to make your eyes seem more awake and put together is by adding a nice sleek line of eyeliner above your lashes. If you have a few seconds to spare and you’re feeling fancy then you can add a wing. Adding eyeliner to your look can really help bring it altogether and make you look more awake. There is no need to add any color to your lids, the eyeliner alone keeps it from looking bare. A great eyeliner that isn’t tricky to use would be the L’Oréal Paris Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner.

  1. Mascara

You don’t have to wear eye shadow and have an elaborate smoky look in order to make your eyes look beautiful. Adding a coat or two to your lashes will help liven you up and make your eyes stand out. Here’s a little hack if you don’t have any eyeliner lying around, just take an angled brush and run it through the mascara. Then you’ll have some product on the brush that you can now apply to eyelid as eyeliner! If you’re focused more on the curl of your eyelashes then Maybelline The Rocket Mascara is your way to go. If you’re looking for some volume and length then you should try the They’re real! Mascara by Benefit cosmetics.

  1. Lip gloss/Lipstick

I strongly believe that every girl should find at least one “go to” lip color that makes her feel confident and pretty. Since we aren’t adding a lot of color to the face elsewhere, this is where we can add a statement to really bring the whole look together! In order to save some time and save you from having to reapply throughout the day, while you’re doing your concealer, add a little to your lips as well. This will make the color even more vibrant and it’ll help it last longer. Color pop lipsticks are a long-lasting and inexpensive brand that I would definitely recommend every girl try out!

This look only uses five products and it’s super quick and easy. You definitely don’t need an hour to run out the door looking your best!

Features image via Annie Spratt on Unsplash



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