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7 Snacks Every Broke College Kid Eats After Midnight

Hunger strikes at the most inconvenient of times. Maybe you’re about to go to bed, or you need something to tide you over a Netflix binge, or maybe you’re out on the town. Or maybe you’re just not up to facing the challenge that the stove offers. I, myself, like to turn to some beef jerky. Teriyaki flavor is the best, but really, who carries that at midnight? Whatever your favorite munchie is, when your stomach calls, you have to answer. You might not be as particular as I, but here are seven foods that every student has definitely munched on at midnight.

1. Ramen

Ah, the classic college staple. Fire up your kettle and get boiling. Hurry, before you wake the roomie. Sodium-rich goodness awaits.

2. Pizza

Why is it that pizza places never seem to close? And they always seem to deliver? Of course, those delivery charges are a sucker but it’s worth it once you get a whiff of that melted cheese. Bonus points if the delivery guy is cute.

3. Chinese Food

Sure, we know it’s not authentic Chinese food but we love our wonton soup and orange chicken. Plus, the fortune cookies that come with it are so cute. Pass the plum sauce!

4. Sushi

The sushi craze has spread to college campuses like wildfire and there’s nothing you can do to stop us from buying it. No, we don’t care that it was made eight hours ago. And no, we don’t care that we’ll have the runs at 3 AM.  

5. Donuts

Hurray for the bake shops that never close. “Would you like to add a medium coffee for $1.99?” Heck yes. Even if the caffeine keeps us up all night.

6. Chips With Weird Flavors

Everyone has that one friend who buys the limited-edition chips. Remember Chicken and Waffles Lays? Nowadays they could be mystery-flavored, or jalapeño-slash-cheese-slash-whatever-you-want. But they always taste better when you’re too tired to care.

7. Nutella straight from the jar

Or peanut butter. Whatever tickles your fancy. Don’t worry about getting caught, spooning spreads straight out of the jar is everyone’s secret guilty pleasure.

So go ahead, satisfy your pre-sleep hunger, wash away that mid-Netflix longing, and satiate that party-induced appetite. Remember, takeout is just another word for “No dishes tonight!” And if you find Teriyaki-flavored beef jerky at this immoral hour, hit me up.

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