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10 Unforgettable Spring Dates To Make Your Relationship Blossom

Another Friday night and you and your SO have plans to be couch potatoes and watch some TV. Sound familiar? Going out and doing something different is the perfect way to spice up your relationship and bring you closer! Making memories together doesn’t have to be expensive but sometimes the money spent is totally worth it. Here are some date ideas for when staying in just isn’t cutting it. Take advantage of being young and go out! Netflix and chill? No thank you!

1. Escape The Room

Try to escape from a room in twenty minutes without being eaten by a zombie! This is less romantic and more fun. You and your date will have to come up with strategies to escape by using strategies and teamwork. It’ll definitely be something to talk about afterwards.

2. Road trip

This date is (almost) free depending on where you go and what you plan on doing. The only thing you have to pay for is the gas, which is super cheap if you both pitch in. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant road trip to a place hours away. Going to the nearest city can still be fun and you can be tourists in your own state! Look up things to do online before you go and see if there are any festivals or special events happening that day. Even planning road trips together for the following weekend prevents you from having the same boring Netflix night again.

3. Go see an improv show

Going to an improv show together will have you laughing all night and will definitely give you night to remember. Tickets can be pretty inexpensive so it’s great if you’re on a budget! 

4. Go on a hike

If you live somewhere near a scenic trail take advantage of a free date! Going on a hike will give you plenty of quality time together. This is especially perfect if you’re just getting to know your date because it’s a no pressure way of getting closer. Added benefit: you get in your cardio for the day!

5. Cross something off your bucket list

Have something you’ve always wanted to do but wanted someone to do it with? Make it into a fun date! Doing something daring together will bring you so much closer together and it’s an experience that won’t be easily forgotten. Go skydiving or try out a cooking class together.

6. Plan a picnic

Pack some food and maybe some wine and find a place that’s great for people watching. You and your SO can spend the afternoon watching people go by and talking. Step it up a notch and go at nighttime when the stars are out. Even more romantic!

7. Go on a bike ride

Go on a bike ride to a few nearby cities or towns and see what’s going on there. If you don’t have a bike, they are really easy to rent – especially in bigger cities. Even if there’s nothing to do you can eat some local food and go see a movie!

8. Go to a museum

Museums don’t have to be boring especially when you’ll probably end up spending more time looking at your date than looking at the stuff on display! Aquariums are always a good go to and if you like art, try an art museum! Make sure to check for student discounts and free days.

9. Go karts!

Go karting isn’t just for kids. Racing around the track without having to worry about actual driving laws is exhilarating! Bonus: check if the place you go to has bowling, mini golf or arcade games for double the fun.

10. Karaoke

Get out of your comfort zone and belt out some songs. It might be scary at first but downing a few shots before hand never hurt anybody.

No matter what you end up doing with your boo, the date is what you make it. If you’re just getting to know someone new, this is the perfect way to show them you’re far from boring. As long as you keep your relationship spiced up there’s nothing wrong with spending the night in with Netflix. Going out every once in a while is fun too!

Featured image via Jep Gambardella on Pexels



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