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7 Ways To Wear Your Hair Differently This Week

Many of us try to change out our fashion pieces, makeup trends and hairstyles on a regular basis, but we often end up going back to the same familiar favorites. When it comes to our hair, it is easy to fall into the habit of the quick and simple. We justify it by calling it our signature look. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it gets a bit… boring in the long run.

Meet Kenza: The 24-year old Swedish Blogger Babe and Model running Scandinavia’s biggest fashion/lifestyle blog. Not only is she a great inspiration when it comes to fashion and chic Scandinavian outfits of the day, she also has the hair of a goddess. And believe me, she knows how to style it. So, why not try to walk in the shoes of Kenza, at least when it comes to trying out some new, simple and chic hairstyles? Here’s a week’s worth of fresh looks to try:

Monday: Intense Curls

Start the week big with a grand hairstyle! Braid your hair (preferably towel dry) in a few tight and slim braids on Sunday evening and leave them overnight, so that you can wake up with some amazing, intense curls! If you need to add some more definition, go through with a curling iron, sectioning small pieces of hair at a time. Finish off with some texture or sea salt spray and get the crunchy and bouncy curls dreams are made of.

Tuesday: French Braid Pigtails

The double french braid has definitely become an Instagram Hit, and we see celebrities like Kim Kardashian slaying it. It is another effortlessly chic look, instantly increasing your fashion game. Part your hair down the middle and do two quick french braids on either side, and style with badass earrings. If you still haven’t mastered the technique of this trendy braid, there are lots of YouTube Tutorials here to help you, like this one from Beauty Guru Carli Bybel.

Wednesday: Top Knot

For the middle-of-the-week greasy bad hair day look, you can never go wrong with a quick top knot. Whether you prefer it shiny sleek or textured messy is your choice. Tie your hair up in a knot flat on top of your head, smoothing the hair in the back and brushing your hairline straight upward. Finish of with some hairspray and you are ready to head out the door!

Thursday: Bohemian Waves with Hat

After showering out Wednesday’s mid-week greasy hair, leave your hair dampened and get a bohemian wave look. I suggest washing your hair with Bumble and Bumble Surf Wash for effortless and natural texture. If your hair is naturally quite straight, add some loose curls using a curling iron, and comb a brush or your fingers through them, giving a more natural look. The waves in themselves are pure and beautiful, but if you are looking for that extra oomph, add a cute fedora hat to complete the look.

Friday: All Straight Err-thang

Who said straight hair is boring? For Friday night, get your straightening iron (and a good heat protector!) out and get working. Straightening your hair will make both your length and color extra vibrant looking, and it goes with every outfit you have in mind. Headbang and shake it out on the dance floor, and if it gets all over the place you can always put it in a high ponytail throughout the evening!

Saturday: Wet Look

For a sexy Saturday evening style, go for the slicked back wet-hair look. Using your already straight hair, comb it back with a boar bristle styling brush to eliminate any bumps. Then warm a gel product in between your hands and distribute it evenly through your hair. Lastly, comb and finish of with a glossy spray. Add some sexy makeup and you are good to go!

Sunday: ALL Natural

Sunday is meant as a day of rest, not only for you, but also for your skin and hair. Leave your makeup and hair-products in your bag and go all natural for the final day of the week. Finish of with an extra long shower, apply a hair mask and prepare your hair for another week of new and fun hairstyles!

These styles are all ridiculously simple and quick to do! All we needed was a boost of creativity. Just by thinking through and planning your hairstyles a bit more, instead of leaving them until the last-minute, you can make your look reach new heights. Try out at least a few of these simple yet beautiful hairstyles, and hopefully you will never have a bad hair day ever again.

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