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Dream Job: Get Hired By Netflix To Travel And Instagram Photos

We all want that dream job. That sweet spot between living our life to the fullest and keeping some money in the bank. The 9-5 gives you a work/life balance but what fun is the world around you if you only enjoy it on the weekends? Now, thanks to Netflix, you could travel the for a couple grand a week, having all the adventures you want!

How? By being good at Instagramming!


Netflix is searching for their next big promoter who can expand their social media platform through Instagram. You would travel for two weeks at a time, all travel arrangements made for you by the company, to sets of new shows and take pictures on a phone. They want fresh eyes that are interested in what’s happening around the filming, not only behind the scenes.


Put those thumbs to work and go follow @Netflix, choose your own top 3 photos, post them on your Instagram with the hashtag #grammasters3 by March 6. Then cross your fingers, check your likes, and wait for that sweet $4k to pour in.

Featured image via Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels



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