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6 Hilariously Accurate Thoughts Every Girl Has During Sex

You know that romantic moment; the one where you’re passionately kissing him, patiently waiting for his next move. When he is holding your head in his hands softly and then slowly trickles his hands from your face, down to your neck. Then suddenly you feel his breath on your neck now and you’re just anticipating what is yet to come…

Well, even in the heat of the moment, I know there are plenty of questions that cross our minds as we are about to take that next step. There is nothing like that sexual anticipation, and I’ll even admit that going with the flow and just rocking how you look and what you’re wearing in that very moment is sexy enough. But what if it’s not?

Here are 6 thoughts we all have when we’re having sex.

1. My bra doesn’t match.

When you really didn’t expect to be getting it on that day and you look down just realizing your bra is a random one you picked out of the hamper and your underwear are cute but completely opposite to that of your bra and you just feel like an unorganized mess. Not that it matters, it’s all coming off anyways… But still, I want to feel like a VS angel!

2. Can he tell I didn’t shave?

You just shaved a few days ago and if you shave again you’ll just get razor burn because the hair isn’t long enough, but it’s like, long enough for him to tell… Maybe? Gross, razor burn would’ve been so worth it at this point.

3. Do I smell bad?

I smell something funky. I hope to God that’s not me. I’ll die of embarrassment. Maybe I should just take it easy and let him take control. I’ll be in the safe zone that way. But I could’ve sworn I put on deodorant. But when was the last time I brushed my teeth?

4. Is he enjoying this position?

This feels good to me, but he has this neutral expression on his face. Is he enjoying this as much as I am? Should I switch it up? Probably, but to what position? God he looks bored. I used to be incredible and have the endurance to do better, what’s happened to me!

5. Can he tell I didn’t work out at all this week?

I want to have sex, how can I not? He looks incredible, but I feel like a cow. It was my cheat week so I kind of went all out and clearly it’s really catching up to me. Starting next week I am eating healthier. But I’m so picky…I feel like that’ll be hard. Look, I can’t even keep up with him. Now he’s going faster. Lovely. Where’s my puffer when I need it?

6. I am only this flexible because I am hot and sweaty.

No way in hell would my body be able to bend in this position unless I was in a 106° yoga class. Which is relevant to how I am feeling in this moment. I am going to be so sore tomorrow… But whatever, it’s so worth it! This is amazing and I feel like I am doing an amazing job. Look at his face. I’m killing it.

These are just a few of the many thoughts, we as women, have on our mind during the most intimate moments.We can’t help it, we’re multi-taskers. We are able to think of one thing while doing something else. For some, it’s our sanity. To be one step ahead, to process the way others are thinking and what we can do better. And let’s be honest, you feel ten times sexier if your bra and underwear match.

Some people just have a lot going on and we tend to get easily distracted about what we have to get done, like thinking about what groceries to buy that night, what to make for dinner, who will be picking the kids up from school, or simply how exhausted we are. These are okay thoughts to have before or even after sex. But ladies, let’s give our men full attention and focused energy. Given that they’re doing the same… Hopefully. But just try to be in that moment and be positive about your body because everyone knows there’s nothing sexier than a woman’s confidence.

Featured image via Jernej Graj on Unsplash



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