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6 Looks Every Single Girl Should Flaunt On Valentine’s Day

Happy Singles Awareness Day! Lucky for everyone, it falls on a Sunday. A weekend holiday is the best holiday. Weekend holidays call for gallivanting around during the days and binge drinking those days into nights. If you’re anti-Valentine’s dressing in all black, or a lover of love, and in pink, just with nobody to love, there is a perfect outfit just waiting to be your OOTD on Insta.

You’re above the love:

Flare jeans, heeled boots, and a fitted sweater

You could care less what holiday Sunday is; all you care about is that it’s the weekend. You’re dressed to impress in this chic, dialed down look. Whether it’s penciling in time with friends during the day, or taking your date night to  the town, you will be the classiest broad in the bunch.

Too cool for love to school you:

Distressed skinnies, chunky heeled ankle boots, and a flannel or chiffon button up

Who cares if you got roses or chocolate or another big teddy bear? You’re here to tear up the town and no ‘couple infest’ day will stop you. Comfy and casual makes you an easy one to love because it shows that you’re not trying too hard and people dig that. Maybe you’ll end up coupled off by the end of the weekend after all.

Head over heels in love with comfort:

Leggings, knee-high boots, flowy tunic, and a long cardigan

Showing off those legs and giving yourself a tall lean look with long layers is your game. You’re hoping to win over some hearts with your smile as you stroll around this weekend in your warm, cute clothes. When it’s time for play, take that sweater off, let your hair fall around your shoulders, and dance in your comfy shoes all night long with the next potential love of your life.

You love love:

Fit and flare dress, all the accessories, ballet flats or Keds

You just love this day! It’s full of hope and surprises and your favorite color, pink! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you just want everyone to be happy. Spending time with friends, family, and buying yourself a heart-shaped box of chocolate is what this weekend is all about. When you meet your special someone, this holiday will be even better.

Ready to find love in a hopeless place:

Mini skirt, low-cut top, wedges

What do you and your girls do every weekend? Get dolled up and dance until you have to carry your shoes home. What are you doing Valentine’s Day weekend? Getting dolled up with a brighter shade of red lipstick and trying to find someone to carry your shoes home later that night. Maybe you’ll get some red and pink candy to eat when you go out to get a coffee Sunday afternoon to cure the hangover.

Netflix and hideout till Monday morning:

Sweatpants, sports bra, shoes and shirt optional

You just really want to refresh your memory of House of Cards and Game of Thrones before the new seasons start. You’ve finally gotten the office cold and can’t go out. You sprained your ankle running [to the liquor store] on Friday and have to have it elevated to reduce swelling. Duh.

From embracing the single life to trying to change your relationship status to just giving up, these outfits should have you covered this weekend. Even though Valentine’s Day can seem to be all about couples, remember the basic principle. Love. Do what you love this weekend with the people you love, platonic or romantic.

Featured image via Sharon McCuthcheon on Unsplash



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