Bottoms Up: The Ultimate Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game

IT’S GAME TIME BABY… well it will be in a few hours from now when that beautiful kick off happens at 6:30 pm. I have my beer, wings, and gear ready to go. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – let me give you the basics:

Tonight is Super Bowl 50! NFC champs Carolina Panthers and AFC winners Denver Broncos will come head to head in football’s most anticipated game of the season with the halftime show featuring Coldplay with a special appearance by Beyoncé.

It’s not too late to impress everyone and catch up on your football, you still have a couple of hours! If anything, Super Bowl is just another excuse to get together with friends, forgo the diet, enjoy wings, and get drunk. To jumpstart the process, Unwritten has created the unofficial Super Bowl 50 Drinking game:

Pre Game:
Take a shot if:

  • The coin toss is heads
  • An announcer says “talk about” or “what to expect today”
  • The Manning Family is talked about (double the shot if Eli or Archie Manning are shown, triple if they compare Eli and Peyton)
  • Peyton Manning’s age is discussed (double if an argument breaks out)
  • Cam Newton’s natural athletic skills are brought up
  • An announce brings up the last time the Broncos made the Super Bowl
  • Ridiculously and unnecessary long notes are held during the national anthem
  • Someone predicts who the MVP will be

That should probably get you ready for the actual game.

Game Time:
Take a sip if:

  • A player dabs, take an extra sip if it’s Panthers QB Cam Newton
  • A touchdown occurs, extra sip if they go for a 2 pt. conversion
  • A field goal happens
  • There’s an Interception, extra if it’s the Broncos
  • Peyton Manning yells “OMAHA” (TIP: be prepared to drink lots)
  • The Panthers decide to jump and fly through everyone as usual
  • A football is given away to a kid, extra sip if a commentator comments on how cute the kid is

Still need more excuses to drink? We got you covered.

Commercial Breaks / Halftime
Chug a beer if:

  • Coldplay plays a medley of old favorites
  • Beyoncé and Coldplay perform Hymn for the Weekend
  • Beyoncé performs her newest release, Formation
  • A commercial makes you tear up
  • Bud Light is mentioned or shown
  • A beer commercial appears
  • Bonus – something shocking happens during halftime, chug that entire drink in one go.

This drinking game should leave you with a nice buzz for the night, especially if you don’t particularly understand football. I mean, Sunday Nights are made for beers and football. Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect ending of the football season and with it being Super Bowl 50, I’m sure we’ll be in for some surprises.

Featured image via Edward Eyer on Pexels


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