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7 Drinks, 7 Workouts: What A Night Out Really Costs You

The last thing you want to think about when you go out drinking is the cost of alcohol, and just how many calories you’re drinking. When you wake up the next day, the last thing you want to do is workout or eat healthy. The hungover part of you wants to stay in bed and just eat greasy food but the “new year, new me” part of you knows you should probably work out. A night out isn’t even thaaaaaat many calories, right? Well to put your mind at ease, here’s what your night out will cost you at the gym:

  1. 8 Beer Pong Cups = 1, 224 Calories
    You just HAD to play that game of beer pong to prove that you were the Queen of Pong. Almost everyone I know (myself included) believes that “I’m better at beer pong when I’m drunk.” The truth of the matter is that most of us suck at beer pong after a couple of rounds – but it doesn’t stop us from trying. The more games you play, the more calories you drank. Time to hop on that StairMaster for about an hour and a half to burn off the calories from one game of beer pong.  
  2. 5 Shots of Vodka = 485 Calories
    SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTSyou can’t just stop after one shot but hopefully, you stopped after five. How something so minuscule can equal that many calories is ridiculous. You could eat a whole meal for 500 calories but I mean, so worth it…right? To burn off this night, take a one-hour Zumba course! 
  3. A Bottle of Wine = 625 Calories
    You’re trying to keep it classy, a bottle of wine is the way to go – specifically red wine. It goes down smoothly, you look classy as f*ck to everyone, and you think this is the best way to go since you won’t get too drunk off ONE bottle. Think Again. You’re probably hammered by the end of the bottle, and a wine hangover is something that you don’t want to deal with. Avoid dealing with the hangover by getting active, it’ll take you an hour of jump roping to burn off that bottle of wine. 
  4. 5 Shots of Tequila = 325 Calories
    So…the strongest alcohol is actually the least amount of calories? That should just give you more incentive to start drinking tequila more often. I mean, a stronger alcohol that gets you drunk faster AND it’s less calories? SCORE! Take a one hour Pilates class, and you’re set. 
  5. 5 Rum & Cokes = 780 Calories
    Rum & Coke is the easiest drink to make, and order at the bars. It goes down super smoothly too so it’s understandable why you may order 5 or 10 of these. Since it’s a mixed drink – you need to include the calories from the Coca Cola on top of the rum. To burn the calories earned from a night of rum & cokes, go swimming for an hour.
  6. 3 Margaritas = 504 Calories
    It’s a low-key girls’ night, and someone in the group decided that having margaritas while watching The Bachelor would be the best idea ever. Harmless enough, right? Well grab the same girls, and head on over to a low-key hour SpinCycle class in the morning. The girls who drink together, sweat together? 
  7. 3 Whiskey Sour = 480 Calories
    You’re out at the bars and you swear you’re not getting drunk tonight, just tipsy so you stick to some whiskey sours. One turned into three, but that’s okay cause you’re “only tipsy.” It can’t be that bad. Well since you’re not too hungover, you might as well get up and start running for at least 50 minutes. 

If you drank all these in one night, you might as well just crawl into bed and get a pizza delivered. There’s always tomorrow to workout. While I’d like to be optimistic and say that this article has made me see the light, and be more careful about my alcohol intake… I’m sure I’ll still be drinking this weekend, and I’ll just go back to the gym during the week. Work hard, play harder.

Featured image via Brooke Lark on Unsplash


  1. Whoever found this out is a god. I see so many people wanting to workout and then drink drink every weekend. It don’t work like that. Put the work in the gym AND diet and you’ll get results. One glass of wine or a single beer isn’t bad though.


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