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You Are Dating A F*ck Boy If He Tells You These 10 Things

F*ck boys can be very tough to crack. Sometimes we know we’re dating one, and others sneak up on us and we don’t find out until it is too late. Whether it’s him dodging the DTR (define the relationship) talk or forgetting your date plans for the night. We’ve all been there and we have heard all of their lines. From the most obvious lines and to the ones we need our whole squad to analyze, but here they are, 10 excuses that will prove he is nothing more than a f*ck boy:

1. Sorry I was busy!

What the f*ck were you doing? Taking a shower for 10 hours, or were you in a coma? I’m pretty sure you can find a spare ten seconds to reply to my text. Nice try though.

2. Work comes first.

I agree work is important, but being a workaholic is a choice. You make time for things that are important to you. Obviously, I am not one of them. Thanks for making that perfectly clear.

  1. I’m afraid of commitment.

It’s funny how when he got a girlfriend a month later he wasn’t afraid of commitment.

  1. I didn’t realize there needed to be a title?

Usually if someone is into you, they want you to be the only person. I get the vibe you want to keep your options open.

  1. I thought this was going great!

I love this phrase. He is trying to avoid any deep conversations, and hoping you’ll be satisfied with the answer be cause he used a positive word.

  1. It would kill me to see you with another guy…

It’s funny because you can certainly influence if I see another guy or not. It’s called committing.

  1. I’m going to miss you!

Then don’t let me leave, and I will stay.

  1. You’re going to meet a really great guy one day, it’s just not me.

*eye roll* We have all heard this. I was kind of hoping it would be you.

  1. I’m not over my ex.

If you’re not over your ex then why are you dating? You shouldn’t be leading people on.

  1. I just want to cuddle you.

No, he is not trying to be cute, and no he isn’t just tired. He’s trying to get as much from you with little effort. Translation = he wants to “Netflix and Chill”.

Those are the words every guy says to get out of anything remotely emotional. If you hear any of these sayings from a guy, he is a f*ck boy. Please don’t proceed with caution. Just run away as fast as you can. You are a woman of worth and no guy should treat you differently. So guess what? Ignore him because ain’t nobody got time for a f*ck boy.

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