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Jake T. Austin Is Dating A Girl Who Obsessively Stalked Him On Twitter

If you haven’t heard already, former Disney star Jake T. Austin is currently dating a girl he met on twitter. TWITTER. This girl has tweeted him relentlessly for years, and he finally noticed her. Let’s just talk about this for a second… I’ve been tweeting Drake for years and have I ever gotten noticed by him? No. Clearly I’m doing something wrong. The girl, Danielle Caesar, who has since made her Twitter account private (@danielle_sayz), tweeted Jake T. Austin, the love of her life, basically everyday for 6 years, showing some next level dedication.

Danielle Caesar has basically won life at this point. This girl is living the dream that millions of girls have had since they were 12, and her story just gave fangirls so much hope and so many reasons to hate her. Why are these girls hating her though? Because she tweeted the same slightly creepy things they’ve been tweeting and got noticed by the subject of these tweets? Her Twitter is private now, but we managed to see some of the things she’s tweeted Jake over the years.

“Can Jake T. Austin go out with me”. This one was my favorite tweet of hers… Do you know how many times I’ve tweeted things like this to Drake? Am I currently dating him? No. I have tweeted him at least once a week for like, 3 years now and he has yet to notice me. This girls wins. She’s tweeted some extremely obsessed things to Jake (“apples and peanut butter is amazing” um, okay, Danielle) but apparently he’s into that so who are we to judge.

Seeing Danielle’s creepy tweets about Jake T. Austin reminded me of my own slightly creepy fangirl tweets and if you try to tell me that you’ve never tweeted a celebrity, you are lying. This girl is getting all the attention that she is because of the fact that we’ve all done this before and we can relate to her. I’ve dug up some old tweets of mine just to prove that we all have fangirl moments, and although some of us have them more than others, they exist.

Just wondering, but am I going to have to ask Drake to hit me up for 5 years before he notices me? I admire Danielle Caesar’s determination here. Like, hate this girl all you want, but getting a celebrity to even notice you, let alone fall in love with you is some next level accomplishment – proud of you girl, you’re living the dream.

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