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Beyond GPA: 7 Things On Your Resume That Will Land You A Job

Between classes, studying, friends and going out, I’m surprised I even find enough time to join extra-curricular activities and still somehow binge watch Netflix. At the end of the day, all that matter’s in life are the experiences and skills that you have learned through your education and long working days. That is exactly how you will land a job once you graduate; by using these tangible life skills in a less-forceful way. Here are some extra-curricular activities for everyone, that you’ll be happy you got a head start on:

1. Greek Organizations. Did you know that 85% of Fortune 500 executives were a part of greek life, and all but two presidents were brothers of a fraternity? Greek life is much more than just the stereotype; they tend to be successful and caring people who believe in a cause. Connections are everything in the ever-changing world; hundreds of new friends every year? Never a bad thing. Greek life also teaches you how to work well, and get along with large teams; a value that many companies seek.

2. Tutoring. Tutors are needed in all subjects and most colleges will pay you or give out course credit. While students will appreciate your help in saving them from failing a class, you’ll display the skills that you are capable of explaining complex concepts, to your employer.

3. Something within your major. You should always invest your time in something relevant to what you are going to school for. There are different societies and clubs for all majors for example the Finance and Banking Society or PR freelance writing opportunities (wink wink…Unwritten!) and photography club. It is a great place to show off what you learned, to prove that you are dedicated to your major by making an effort outside of the classroom. It could also help with networking and get you closer to the people who could be interviewing you one day.

4. Campus Life. This could be anything from becoming residential assistant, working in administration/offices, or touring as an orientation leader. You are energetic and feed off of other people. You work well with your colleagues and employers love that you have school spirit (could later lead to company pride)!

5. Service Organizations. Every university has some sort of service-based organizations. It could be Circle K (a college version of Key Club), Books for Borders, Roderick Club, or Free The Children. Why not learn to be a leader while making friends and giving back to the community? Businesses would love to see a well-rounded person who has a passion for helping people. Many campuses have local initiatives that you can join too – getting you that much closer to employment in your own city!

6. Startups. Our generation is full of entrepreneurs coming up with great business ideas left and right. Being apart of a company early on and helping it grow shows employers that you are dedicated, ambitious and most of all entrepreneurial (that’s why I joined Unwritten)! In addition it’s a great way to see what kind of work environment you want after graduation because the startup world is the complete opposite of corporate America.

7. Sports Assistant. A ton of varsity teams hire on volunteer assistants to help with anything from coaching, to sports medicine. This could be a great way to combine your love for athletics in a real-world setting! Be sure to diversify yourself whenever possible. It never hurts to try something new. This list isn’t for you to be superhuman and be a part of each and every one of them.

Each extra-curricular activity have perks that will help you stand out to your opponents when applying for jobs. Who knows, maybe you will end up finding something you love more than college after all!

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