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SOS: I Used To Hate Justin But Now I’m A Hardcore Belieber

Strung out on Bieber Fever...

For years, it seemed like Justin Bieber was going down the wrong path and was one turn away from becoming the male version of Lindsay Lohan. The only quality he seemed to have going for him was his charming good looks that made young girls drool. Always getting into trouble, partying too hard, picking fights, or saying something ridiculous in public; Justin was constantly adding to his negative reputation. Everyone loved hating on Bieber too, and he made it so easy to assume he was just nothing more than an overpaid, spoiled brat with a cute smile.

Now, almost overnight, it seems like the Canadian heart-throb can do no wrong. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of his recent hits. I used to be ashamed to even think this but now I’m admitting it loud and clear:

I’m 21 and I love Justin Bieber

Like most of my friends, my love for Bieber’s catchy songs and adorable voice was more of a guilty pleasure than something I’d admit to. But with the drop of Purpose, it seems like all the secret beliebers are coming out of hiding.

If you’re still one of those people in denial, who pretends they don’t jam out every time What Do You Mean? comes on the radio, then listen up! Here are 5 reasons it’s ok to have Bieber fever even if you used to hate him:

1. He is genuinely talented

Even if he has been shady in the past, there is no denying that Justin has an amazing voice. He really does have talent and he won’t let us forget it. Ever since day one with Baby, his sweet voice has serenaded us with catchy tunes for years.

2. He has a heart

Justin regularly takes the time out of his tour to visit local sick kids hospitals. Nobody likes being in hospitals, especially on their free time, and this is something that not many other celebrities do often enough. You have to give him credit for taking time out of his day to make kids smile when they need it the most. He also recently donated his profits from a Toronto concert to the Stratford Food Bank, a place that he and his mom frequented before his big break.

3. His songs are almost always on point

Let’s be real, every song from Purpose is a banger. I’m shocked every time I hear one of my guy friends ask me to put on some Bieber (pretending that they haven’t already downloaded the entire album) at a pre-game. You no longer have to play it off like “oh my cousin downloaded this song haha, it wasn’t me.” The Biebs is right up there with all the good party music.

4. He has balls

No, I’m not talking about his recent vacation photo scandal – I’m talking about how brave he is. As far as celebrities go, it seems like Justin has nothing to hide, and in return he’s a pretty genuine up-front face because of it. Being honest about your mistakes and owning up to your past behavior isn’t easy for anyone. Now, imagine how difficult that would be as one of the most famous 20 somethings in the world.


No words are even needed…

I know that you may be thinking that he’s acted like such an idiot for a few years now.. but hey, everyone makes mistakes. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t go a little crazy every once in a while after pay-day. Now imagine that you’re making millions of dollars. You think you wouldn’t go a little out of control?

Justin knows he’s made mistakes and he’s been pretty brave about owning up to it and trying to make a change. Sometimes I like to think the song Sorry is to all of us that he hurt with his craziness.

We forgive you, Bieber

I think we owe it to the man who gave us one of my personal favourite Christmas albums to give him the benefit of the doubt. He became famous as a teenager and acted like a d*ck. Now as a grown young man, he is attempting to salvage his reputation and become a better role model. Even if you don’t love his music you have to respect that.

So to all my friends and family, be warned that I will be blasting Bieber on every road trip and at every pre game from now on, and I’m not ashamed.

Featured image via “Justin Bieber vino a divertirse a El Hormiguero” by ElHormiguero / CC BY-NC 2.0



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