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Forever Awkward: 7 Rookie Mistakes You’re Repeatedly Caught Making

We as human beings, are always going to find ourselves in sticky situations – the most hilarious ones arising from the circumstances we accidentally create ourselves. If we’re able to accept our embarrassing moments and laugh about them (maybe not immediately), it becomes a little easier to find the humor and escape the embarrassment.

1. The Subtle Sniff

No one’s looking. You can feel the perspiration building up and you suddenly remember: You forgot to “deodorize” this morning. Ever so casually, you raise your arm up touching the opposite shoulder and slowly, but surely, assume “fake cough” or perhaps even the old “use my bicep to itch my nose” position. Then, it’s time. Your nose makes the swift dive under your arm and into a dangerous territory – the pit. You don’t smell anything – you’re clear! Except…upon glancing around the room in the most discreet fashion possible, you make clear eye contact with good old Jimmy, who has been lucky enough to witness the entire charade.

2. Dirty Little Litterer

The bold move of throwing out your car’s filthy collection of coffee cups…while in a drive through – one that I personally have not yet mastered. You decide to clean up a bit, and although you’re a little farther away from the garbage bin than you’d like, you roll down your window and go for it. Obviously, being no Kobe, you miss. Now comes the internal struggle between awkwardly opening your car door to grab the piece of trash you have so evidently littered, or just leaving it…looking like a complete jackass to the little old lady watching in the car behind you.

3. The Dangers of the “Search” Bar

Obviously gossiping with your friends, you hear about a particular Facebook profile that you must revisit. Your one friend leans over, reaching for your computer and goes to type in the name on the search bar of your Facebook, immediately drawn to the rest of your search history, which is nothing short of cringe worthy. I mean I guess it’s not a big deal, it is your friend…maybe she can be accepting of the fact that you are a major creep, and that guy you met ONE time at the gym is at the top of your history on your search engine.

4. The Finger Sniffer

Okay. Regardless of how harmless the encounter with whatever the heck is on your finger may have been, we all know that a Finger sniffer is a big no-no. Maybe it’s actually just some harmless perfume you got on your hands when you were spritzing this morning, even a bit of sweet-scented lotion? Whatever the case may be, to the outside stranger, an individual raising fingers to their nostrils indicates one thing: those fingers have visited some very dark and unforgiving places.

5. Phone Call Phony

We all understand an awkward situation and the fact that sometimes, you just need to get the hell out of dodge. What better way than to fake a phone call? At least this way, you aren’t the one initiating the exit – instead, someone is in desperate need of your assistance. Let’s just make sure that if we are going to delve into this particular approach however, that our SIRI is OFF. “I didn’t quite get that” isn’t exactly a sincere validation of our necessity to exit.

6. The Double Tap Trap

Gently sliding over practically every picture, now growing curious of who the others are in the photos (but that’s what tags are for – perfect). You just have to carefully place your finger on the screen and make sure to be as cautious as possible; after all you’re not even following this person. It’s over – just slide back up the page and get to the home screen. Nervous as ever to get the hell out of there before you screw up, your shaky fingers slip and its game over – you have double tapped and liked this complete stranger’s photo. The worst part is deciding whether to leave it alone, or unlike it?

7. Texting Troubles

Although it may not be a consistent mistake, we’ve all sent a text message to the WRONG person. Maybe venting about the exact person we accidentally sent the message to. Whatever the case, it is not exactly an ideal situation. ESPECIALLY, if you are blessed enough to have them right there in the room with you.

Regardless, we’ve all been there…so cheers to being able to sit happy with embarrassment, because if you can there’s not much else that can really get to you.

Featured image via Arina Shilyaeva on Pexels



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