5 Girls Share What They Really Think Of Piercings On Guys

Recently, I asked a bunch of guys about their opinions on various piercings on girls. The answers were pretty varied, but also pretty much what I was expecting. This got me wondering…how are girls feeling about these same piercings on guys?

So, I did the only logical thing, and I went out and asked all the girls I knew to weigh in with their opinions. And here are the results.

Eyebrow Piercings

“Not my favorite, but some guys can pull it off.” – Age 20

“Kinda different, but I’m not against it.” – Age 19

“Ehhh, not my favorite. I’m not a fan of them on anyone, they look kind of painful.”  -Meghan, Age 20

“Yes. Sexy.” – Rachel, Age 20

“I haven’t actually seen too many of these, but the ones I have seen have all been pretty attractive.” – Caitlyn, Age 19

Admittedly, I personally have only seen an eyebrow piercing on one guy that I’ve actually found attractive. So I think it honestly depends on the individual, as with any piercing.

Industrial Piercings

“Not really into this on dudes.” -Age 20

“I think these are kind of weird on anyone, honestly.” -Age 19

“I think these can be hot. It shows a little more edgy side.” -Ally, 20

“I don’t really care..” -Megan, 21

“I have one myself, and I love it. So if a guy can pull it off, I think that shows some willingness to take style risks, which is always a good thing.” – Caitlyn, 19

I was very seriously considering an industrial piercing, and then I saw one very unattractive one on a guy, and it turned me off to the idea. But then, shortly after, I saw one that a guy managed to pull of BEAUTIFULLY. And now I want one again.

Lip Rings

“Ehh, it can be okay on certain guys.”  -Age 20

“Pretty great. Example is Luke Hemmings.”  -Age 20

“All I can do is wonder how kissing is going to work? Like does it hurt when kissing? Does it get in the way?” – Meghan, 20

“Nah. Not attractive at all” -Megan, 21

“Super hot, when done on the right person.” – Caitlyn, 19

I have to be totally honest, I’ve kind of wondered how kissing works when someone has a lip ring…someone please enlighten me?

Nose Rings

“I can be into this, but really only on certain guys.”  -Age 20

“This could go either way.”  -Age 20

“If you can rock it, go for it.” -Meghan, 20

“Honestly, it’s pretty weird.” -Age 21

“Shows some guts, which is a good quality in a man.” – Caitlyn, 19

This is actually one that I’ve always had a slight attraction to. If a guy can pull of a tasteful nose ring? Unf.


“Small gauges can be really attractive. There is a size limit. If they’re too big, that’s a no from me.” – Age 20

“Nope, nope, nope. I don’t want to be able to stick my finger through your ears.” -age 20

“As long as they’re not too big, I think certain people can pull them off.” -Meghan, 20

“As long as they’re not too big.” -Age 21

“Small gauges are hot. Big gauges are not.” – Caitlyn, 19

When I was younger, and gauges were just beginning to make an appearance, I thought they were hideous. And then I got older and I have to agree, if they’re small enough and done tastefully, they can contribute major points to someone’s appearance.

I think the same rules apply to guys as to the girls. It really doesn’t matter what other people are telling you to do with your body. Do what YOU want. If it makes you feel attractive, and you feel confident then do it. You really should never make a decision about your appearance solely on the opinion of a handful of 20-somethings of the opposite gender. You do you, boo.

Featured image via JJ Jordan on Pexels


  1. Kissing is not effected by lip ring just so any one that is wondering knows you don’t even really know they are the

  2. I have a lip ring and kissing isn’t any different from when I kissed without it except if we kiss too rough too long it can make it hurt me a little

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  4. One time in sophomore year of highschool my girlfriend at the time had horseshoe rings in her angel bites and I had regular looped snakebites and there was this time when we kissed one of her rings got stuck in mine… it was a fun time

  5. Kissing with lip rings does not hurt at all. In fact wen that I have kissed loved biting them and such which also was not painful. I have my right nostril pierced, septum, 2x eyebrow piercings on right side, snake bites ( left side of bottom lip and right side kf bottom lip pierced ), and last but not least my favorite I have my bridge pierced (top part of nose , kinda hard to explain). Alot of people dont like my piercings as I live in a very rural area but personally idgaf, it is me. Its what I like. Hope this helps!
    Nicholas age – 31


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