4 Things That Happened In Canada Yesterday That Blew Everyone’s Minds

October 19th was an eventful day for Canadians. Blue Jays entered game 3 of their ALCS battle against the Royals 2 games down, our Federal election was ending AT THE SAME TIME, Drake’s Hotline Bling video launched, and Gilmore Girls is coming back to Netflix.

The Blue Jays continue to help the country #ComeTogether as they make their first playoff run in 22 years.

Tulowitski hit a stellar 3 run homer leaving the Jays up 6-2 in the midst of the 3rd inning.

Donaldson also added a 2 run homer later in the inning.

Goins redeemed himself after a tough error in Game 2.

…and then Tulowitski was thrown out for disagreeing with the umpire.

The Federal election also went down in Canada. The Liberal party marched towards a landslide majority government after the LONGEST CAMPAIGN IN RECENT HISTORY!

We all stared in awe at the beautiful first couple, as Justin took to the stage for his victory speech.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you channel flipping…

Drake, our resident Canadian and #the6ix lover, decided that in the middle of it all that he wanted to drop his video for Hotline Bling. 

And it’s basically just Drake dancing in a bunch of differently shaped and colored spaces.

Of course, the evening could only get better. Gilmore Girls fans around the globe rejoiced as we found out that our fave mom-and-daughter duo are coming back to Netflix. Fun fact: the pilot episode was shot in the charming Canadian town of Unionville, Markham, Ontario.

Featured Image via Twitter.


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