7 Couples Costumes So Good They’ll Make Your Single Friends Jealous

I come from a family that likes to coordinate Halloween costumes. It’s a big holiday in my household. One year we were all superheroes, another we were all ninjas, then we were a family of minions, and my personal favorite, the 101 Dalmatians. Now that I’ve moved out, I’ve held onto this love for Halloween and matching costumes. Luckily, all I need is a good guy or a best friend and the coordination is on.

One of the most memorable scenes for me during How I Met your Mother was when they showed all of the couple costumes Marshall and Lily had for Halloween…featuring Ted as a third wheel. Most were laughable, some were genius, but for some reason, original couple costumes don’t seem like a reality. Every year Halloween rolls around with the same lame costumes. It can be hard to find something creative and noticeable, and obviously you don’t want to dress up as something nobody will understand. Instead of dressing as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan AGAIN (although this one is cute, it’s very over-used), you and your boo-thang should use this year to try out some of these ideas:

1. Mary Poppins and Bert

mary poppins

This is what my boyfriend and I dressed as last year. We got so many compliments, and it was adorable. The best part? It’s incredibly cheap and easy to put this costumes together. Most of the items were things I already had, and the rest of them were items I’d re-wear later in the season, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting money.

2. Wes and Princess Buttercup


The Princess Bride is a classic, and I have ALWAYS wanted to dress up with my honey as this iconic couple. Sadly, not this year, but in the future…If he’s a good boyfriend, he’ll put his short hair back into a mini-ponytail and say “As you wish…”

3. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable


I feel like it’s been long enough since Kim Possible was on air that this is now almost a vintage idea. Bonus points if you have a toddler sibling you can tote around as your Naked Mole Rat.

4. The Main Characters of your favorite TV show


A great idea for this one is Kim and Kanye. They’re memorable, and literally everyone will know who you are. And hey, even if it’s a somewhat obscure show, it’s fun because it’s something that you and your man share, and you can introduce all your friends to your favorite thing.

5. Harley Quinn and The Joker


Plenty of people dress up as The Joker…but I have honestly never seen someone outside of comic con dress as Harley Quinn. This is another one of those ideas that’s on my personal Halloween to-do list. If you’re going to of through with it, though, you have to fully commit. No half-assing.

6. Alice in Wonderland and The White Rabbit


Can you say cute? I love that this is a twist, since you usually see Alice and the Mad Hatter…but why don’t we ever see the bunny?

7. Fireman and Firedog


Any reason for your man to be dressed in nothing but suspenders and a fire hat is a good reason. This is a little sexier of a Halloween costume, but definitely not slutty. It’s hard to find that balance on Halloween, and I feel like this one is a jackpot (and totally adorable).

Halloween doesn’t have to only be about showing some skin. Although we all love an opportunity to dress as something we’re not, Halloween has become the year’s most over-sexualized holiday. So go ahead and dress a little sexier, but keep in mind that everyone is going to be dressed as a sexy cat this year. So get your man on board, and mix it up a little bit! What are you and your man going to be dressed as this Halloween?

Featured Image via We Heart It.


  1. Love this! My boyfriend and I are looking for good couples costume ideas! I love the fireman and fire dog one! Thanks for making the process a little easier.


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