20 Awkward Situations That Describe Your Life In A Nutshell

We all cringe when we hear someone describe themselves as awkward. They may genuinely believe they are the walking definition of the word, but don’t awkward things happen to everyone? It makes us roll our eyes; it’s just as bad as describing yourself as random. However, what if a million awkward things really do happen to you? What if you truly are terribly awkward?


Even if you aren’t typically a floundering human mess, you will be when one of these happen…here are 20 severely awkward situations that EVERYONE has or will experience at one point or another:

  1. Walking around with your fly undone.
  2. When you suspect your breath isn’t the best and someone confirms it by subtly offering you gum.
  3. Having a piece of food stuck in your teeth while talking to the guy/girl you like, and having them TELL you it’s there.
  4. When a random guy sits next to you on a bench before class and tries to have a pointless conversation with you but you’re not interested so you just sit awkwardly (but politely attempting) to answer their small-talk and hoping that time moves faster so you can get the hell out of there.
  5. Sending a risqué Snapchat to your story by accident.
  6. Sending a risqué/ugly Snapchat to the wrong person by accident.mistakesgif
  7. Farting during sex.
  8. Farting in a silent classroom.
  9. Farting in a job interview.
  10. When your tampon/pad falls out of your purse and all of the men in the room stare at you while you pick it up (which is another problem in itself because we shouldn’t be embarrassed about our feminine nature, but for some reason we are).
  11. Walking in on someone having sex.
  12. Being walked in on while having sex.sadiegif
  13. Not finding out about the toothpaste on your black shirt until AFTER a full day of classes is over.
  14. Stalking someone you know on Facebook and accidentally liking an old photo.
  15. Replying to someone you thought was talking to you but they were actually just talking on the phone having a conversation with someone else.
  16. Getting caught taking a selfie in a public bathroom.
  17. Getting caught taking an “ugly Snap”.
  18. Not getting the right angle for your ugly Snap so you have to take it again in front of the same people.
  19. When you eagerly wave to someone you know in public but they weren’t looking so you have to wait until they notice you or pretend that didn’t just happen.
  20. Having a guy follow you around at a party because they’re interested in hooking up but you’re not so their presence around you scares off all the other guys.


If you haven’t experienced any of these excruciatingly uncomfortable situations, then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock your whole life. Have a terribly awkward situation happen to you? Tell us in the comments below. We promise we won’t judge!

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