We Found The Secret To A Healthier And Sexier Life And It Starts With A Drink

Start taking care of your mind,body and soul with the Super Elixir!

Working, studying, cooking (or at least attempting to cook), interning, and keeping up with your social life can be quite stressful – to say the least. Our generation is known for having the most burnouts, the highest need for instant gratifications (where are my Facebook likes?!) and the first to acknowledge the death of chivalry. How typical of us. Our lives have become centered around trivial things that don’t necessarily benefit us, or honestly anyone, in the long run.

Seriously, I’d know.

I moved to a different country with a completely different culture, had to find new friends while  attempt to impress my boss by interning. I couldn’t help but be surprised when the stress finally hit me. Stress is not only an uncomfortable feeling, but it can seriously affect your common body performance.

It’s is a result of a chemical response, which can affect all kind of hormone spikes, and lead to a multitude of health issues. From skin conditions, to weight gain or loss, to losing joy in the little things – you name it. Stress feeds it.

Through intense research I became more aware of the fact that our burnouts are scientifically caused by toxins. Just the word alone makes us all cringe. “Toxins, oh you mean that ex-boyfriend I stopped talking to in May?” Yes, but not just him. From the chemicals in our foods and the ones we pump into the atmosphere during our busy lives, it’s only a matter of time until we start feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders.

No matter how unwelcome it may be, life catches up. Let’s face it, the foods available to us are not always the nutrients we need. Luckily, there’s an answer to our problems, and it’s more straight-forward than we think. It starts with the willingness to modify our lives, and it’s a little thing called, the “Super Elixir.” Or in a more scientific term, Nutricosmetics.

Welleco’s super elixir!

The Super Elixir can be indeed described as “the miracle” against anxiety and everyday stress, and the solution to flawless skin and shiny hair. It’s designed to improve inner fitness and support healthy nutrition. Model and Founder Elle MacPherson was never fond of extremes, so she developed a new and exciting way for people to have a healthier alternative in their day-to-day lives.

Even Kate Moss is a fan!

Welleco’s Super Elixir is an example of a product that can simply be added to your daily juice. By incorporating this in my life I began feeling stronger, my skin started glowing, and my anxiety virtually diminished. We all push ourselves to be the greatest, strongest, and best person we can be, so don’t leave your well-being and mental health as your last.

Try thinking outside the box, because not all chemicals are bad. And not all calorie-counters are good. Explore your alternatives, and share what you think of the latest beauty/lifestyle trends in the comments below!

Featured Image via Instagram.


  1. I like the idea of the article but I feel that just a “drink” won’t change your state of mind or anxiety. I think that is something that strongly comes from within. You got me hooked on the intro and I thought the secret drink was going to be water but it was a powder. I looked it up online and it’s like $195.00 for the starter set. It feels like a fad that people will buy into! But if it works that’s awesome, but I just think there’s more to dealing with stress than a drink.


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