Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Social Media Site Say About You?

Your choices say a lot about you, so it’s safe to say that your favorite social media platform reveals a lot. Us millennials spend so much of our energy on social media that it’s time to dig a little deeper and see what these preferences truly mean. I already know where I stand in cyberspace, but take this quiz to see what your favorite site says about you.


And there you have it, the definitive answers of what your favorite social media site really says about you. Social media can be addicting, but turns out, it can help us reflect a ton on who we really are, where we may be found standing in the room at a party, and how likely we might be to hit up a blind date. Courageous, outgoing, shy, artistic, photogenic, egotistical, or career oriented. There’s most definitely an app for that. Not all digital life is bad for us either, except maybe my ugly snapchats (oops). I know I’ve got you pinned, so post what you got in the comments below and toss it a share on that trusty social media platform! For now, I’ll let you get back to whatever cyber reality you found this link on.

Featured Image via We Heart It.


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