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4 Smoothie Recipes To Keep Your Summer Going All Year Long

Despite how much we’d all like to cling onto the last few warm weeks of the year, we all know that school is starting and summer is ending. For all of us still in denial about the end of summer, I’ve made this list of smoothies to keep the essence and spirit of summer in our everyday diets.

1. Ballerina Green Smoothie

1 peeled orange

½ a banana

A handful of strawberries(about 6)

2 cups of spinach (about 2-3 handfuls)

1/3 cup plain greek yogurt

1 cup ice

I am an avid dancer, and this is one that I drink regularly to keep slim and fit. The fruit is tangy and delicious, and is well contrasted by the greens.

2. Banana Berry

1 banana

¾ cup frozen blueberries

¾ cup raspberry sherbet

¼ cup greek yogurt

½ cup berry juice of your choice

A handful of ice cubes

For all the jamba juice enthusiasts, this one is for you! It’s definitely less green and more tummy happy. But isn’t that one of the best things about summer? A cold, sweet drink in one hand? This one more than fits the bill.

3. Pink Smoothie Bowl

A handful of spinach

½ cup frozen papaya

1 frozen banana

1 cup chopped mango

½ an avocado

3 tablespoons hemp seeds

1-2 teaspoons matcha or protein powder

1 cup almond milk

Toppings – coconut, granola, fruit, gogi berries, chia seeds, nuts, etc.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the wonder that is smoothie bowls. You’re going to feel wrong pouring your smoothie into a bowl, rather than a cup. But once you’ve topped it with whatever crunchy delights tickle your fancy and you dig in, you’re going to realize that you’ve been drinking smoothies wrong your whole life! Smoothie bowls are new, and a BIG deal. Many fitness gurus are huge advocates of these delicious breakfast alternatives. Sure, they take more time than a smoothie. But they’re more filling, and definitely more rewarding. So grab a spoon, sit down, and enjoy the best smoothie breakfast you’ve had.

4. Raspberry Oat Smoothie

1 cup frozen raspberries

½ cup frozen mixed berries

½ frozen banana

1/3 cup greek yogurt

1/3 cup quick oats

1 cup milk

Quicker, lazier version of a smoothie bowl? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely. The oats mixed in leave you fuller, creating a more substantial breakfast smoothie.

I know summer is basically over, but these smoothies will help us extend the enthusiasm of summer for a few extra weeks, at least until the cold takes over and we inevitably have to switch the cold drinks for something warm, cozy, and satisfying in the dead of the winter season.

Featured image via Element5 Digital on Pexels



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