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12 Useless Things You Don’t Need To Pack For College

Doing some last minute shopping? Take me seriously when I say that you can purchase too much for your dorm. If you clutter up a tiny space with unnecessary items, it will seem much smaller than it is. I spent months scouring the Internet for advice on what to buy for my dorm, but what I didn’t do was think about things I wouldn’t need- things I wouldn’t use often and that would collect more dust than they’re worth. Here is my own list of things, based on personal experiences, that you definitely don’t need in your dorm room.

1. Iron & Ironing Board

You may think you’re going to be responsible and will iron clothes, but when midterms start there’s going to be no time to make sure that all the wrinkles are out of your shirt. You’re just not going to care.

2. Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are so uncomfortable that no one is going to want to sit in them and there’s a good chance you’re going to be too lazy to get them out even if you needed seating. Don’t bother buying these.

3. T. V.

Since the invention of Netflix, I’m sure T.V. sales have gone down- and there’s a logical reason behind that. Between studying and binge-watching shows online, a T.V. will just become an expensive decoration. Save your pennies for beer and late night pizza.

4. An Expensive Area Rug

Although it may look gorgeous right now, that rug is going to be stained and ruined by the time the year’s up. Buy something cheap and invest the money in your hundred dollar textbooks.

5. Tons of Decorative Pillows

They may be stylish, but they’ll all end up on the floor when your friends want to chill on your bed or you need to sit in your desk chair. Plus, there will be no room on your bed for a late-night cuddle session if it’s filled with all those pillows.

6. A Full Stereo

Unless you’re a DJ, don’t bring or buy huge sound equipment. Invest in some good quality, CHEAP speakers that are portable and can keep you dancing through the night.

7. Exercise Equipment

I knew a girl with a foldable treadmill in her room. I guarantee you there will be a gym you can use on campus, so don’t bother with the weights or fancy athletic equipment. Besides, freshmen 15 is something that will happen whether you own your own gym equipment or not.

8. Printer

Printers tend to be big and expensive (plus those ink cartridges are annoying to replace). Your campus will have tons of printers that are easily accessible and may even be more budget-friendly to use. Here are more savings to put towards your keg fund.

9. Candles

Unfortunately, dorms don’t seem to understand the necessity about Bath & Body Works candles (something about them being a fire hazard). Use Febreeze instead.

10. Fancy Kitchen Gadgets

Can opener? Espresso machine? Peeler? You may use them at home, but you’re probably not going to have a full kitchen to use them in. Buy the basics, skip everything else.

11. Cookbooks

Your mom is for sure going to try and force one into your suitcase, but you’re really only ever going to be making Ramen and microwave popcorn. It’ll only collect dust, so just say no.

12. Drying Rack

This is great if you have your own (big) apartment, but dorms are so tiny that a drying rack would take up the whole space. Plus you probably don’t have that many clothes that need to be air-dried. Lose the act, you’re not that high maintenance.

Make the most of your space and avoid clutter. Remember that you’ll most likely collect things throughout the year, so it’s always good to have a little extra space. If you ever find yourself in need of any of the aforementioned products, I guarantee someone in your dorm will have them. There’s always that kid that goes crazy and buys everything they both will and won’t need- and yeah, I was one of them. Now, with this new knowledge, go forth and create your perfect space that will be home to some of the greatest memories of your life!

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  1. I do like this list, but it is totally meant for freshman. As a junior or senior in college you find that some of these things are important. An ironing board might be helpful for nice clothes such as an interview and as you grow up you realize that maybe you should dress a little bit better and dress as if college is your job. I do agree that the cookbook is useless as you can always pinterest that stuff.


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