Two Week Tattoos: Finally Ink For Those With Commitment Issues

Tattoos: the beautiful, incredible, and sometimes horrendous designs or images that we permanently install onto the canvas that is our bodies. If you’re a millennial, you probably have a million and a half friends who have tattoos, and you’ve probably daydreamed about getting one or two yourself. With everyone bombarding you with their cool tattoos, it’s easy to feel pressured into getting one – but once you actually start thinking realistically about it, you realize that not only are tattoos painful and permanent, but they’re expensive AF.

I have always thought tattoos were fascinating. I’ve spent hours watching tattoo reality shows: LA Ink, NY Ink, Miami Ink, Bad Ink, literally all of them. You name it, I’ve seen it. So why don’t I have a tattoo? Well, I can’t really explain exactly why; of course there are images and symbols in my life that are meaningful enough to me, but for some reason I’ve never felt compelled to put them on my body.

It seems like I’d be a perfect candidate for a tattoo – I was always the girl in middle school and high school who was drawing all over myself with pens and sharpies and getting henna tattoos. The difference though, is that pens and henna fade in a few weeks. I always wanted something that could be more precise and darker than henna; something just like a real tattoo, but not as permanent.

My prayers have finally been answered with the new, trendy, and totally awesome two-week tattoos. Created by two brothers, Inkbox Tattoos are natural, safe, and last no more than about two weeks. Perfect for those of us a little scared of commitment. The designs they sell on their website are artistic, edgy, and if that doesn’t do your fancy, you can even create your own. If I don’t already have you sold, most of the tattoos are only $19! Inkbox Tattoos used Kickstarter for funding the project and their newest, best quality formula is only available there. Below are 7 of their incredible designs for any mood you might be in

  1. For the traveler in you:


  1. For your Monday morning struggles:


  1. For your inner musician:


  1. For your city girl aspirations:


  1. For when you’re stressed and need a calming phrase:


  1. For when you’re feeling adventurous:


  1. And for when you need that little reminder to Treat Yo Self:

treat yo self

Inkbox tattoos are the coolest thing since sliced bread – if you’re still not convinced, go to their website and check out all the other designs they have and how the process of applying the tattoo works!

All images via Inkbox and Featured Image via @lovebtntheracks.



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