Someone Is Posing As Target Customer Service On Facebook And It’s Hilarious

Target recently made the bold decision to move away from gender-based signage in most of their departments. As a result, the home, toys and clothing departments will not make a distinction between ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ items. The decision is hoped to help reduce gender limitations in childhood. While we think this is fantastic, and a positive step that will hopefully inspire other retailers to do the same, not everyone is rainbows and smiles about it. Those upset with the decision have taken to the Target Facebook page to vent their frustration, but a witty and blatantly hilarious internet troll has taken to posing as Target customer service to reply to the displeased.


This particular troll, who presents his name as “Ask ForHelp” and has a target symbol as his profile picture, has been replying to the unhappy patrons in quite an unprofessional, but still extremely polite manner. The best part is, the complaining customers don’t seem to clue in that this isn’t really target talking to them. The troll’s entertaining responses only help to feed the patrons’ outrage. From saying things such as, “We’re equally happy that you do not shop at Target” to “Target would like to know where in the Bible it says ‘boys cannot play with Barbie dolls,'” Ask ForHelp just keeps handing out the burns. And his or her grammar is always on point.


More than anything, the troll has worked to highlight the ridiculousness of the customer’s complaints. Many complainants showed a lack of understanding about what the new decision would do for helping destroy gender barriers. Instead, many insisted that Target is only trying to appease the Liberals or even that they’re “giving in” to the LGBT community. The complainants seem to think that “political correctness” is only a passing fad, which is working towards destroying traditional family values and moral. But seriously, what does gender neutral toy aisles really have to do with LGBT anyway?


What these haters seem to be missing is, this new decision will help fight against gender barriers, and that’s a big win for humanity. While our current generation may be more accepting of boys playing with Barbies and girls playing with trucks, a masculine/ feminine construct still exists that binds children into social roles and character traits they’re supposed to stay in or ‘inherently have’. Our society does not react fondly if a child wanders out of the construct, and that is detrimental to their development as an individual. 


We assign a certain gender and its accompanying characteristics to a child at birth and expect them to fit in that bubble all of their life. The more we begin confronting gender barriers- like what Target is doing– the sooner we can rid society of boxed-in ideals.


As silly or troll-ish as what Ask ForHelp is doing on the Target page, I have to say, I support you. I don’t just support you because it puts a smile on my face to see your perfectly witty, grammatically-correct responses, but because I agree with you exposing the ridiculousness of people who are encouraging gender barriers. Keep doing your thing, Target Troll!


Featured Image via Facebook.


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