Why A ‘K’ Text Is The Ultimate F*ck You

At one time or another, we’ve all poured our hearts out into a text message that turned out longer than a J.K. Rowling novel. We’ve sent it and wondered what that person’s response will be while we plan out our next novel. Then, approximately an hour later, you get a text message from that person, expecting it to be rather lengthy (especially considering it took them an hour to reply), only to look down and find “K”. It’s amazing how devastating and incredibly irritating one letter can be.

k text message image 2

You have a burning desire to just reply with a “Seriously? K? Is that all you have to say?” To me when I receive a “K”, I think one of three things. One, that person does not care about what you had to say and it’s their way of relaying that to you. Two, they are giving you the good ol’ middle finger because they are not too happy with you. OR three, all of the above.

k text image 1

I’m not going to lie; it definitely feels like a big slap to the face. It would be like having a face-to-face conversation and after you’re done talking, that person just gives you a blank stare and then flips you off and walks away. RUDE. Then comes the moment when you immediately regret saying anything because of how they reacted. Where is the undo button when you need it?

I think that if you are just going to send “K”, stop yourself. It is better to not send anything at all than to send a meaningless letter. Nothing hits further below the belt than that. Even an “okay” would be better than a “K” because at least with that, you had the decency to spell out a full word. Are your fingers broken? Did something happen to you that stopped you from sending more? Unless you are getting kidnapped and thrown into a pool of electric eels, there should be no excuse as to why I got a one letter as a response.

So, to all my lovely readers out there who come across a “K”, here are some examples to reply to such atrocities.

There is the extreme circumstance.
k text message image 3

The “I’m even more angry than your ‘K'” response.k text message image 4The alphabet.K text message image 5

And last but not least…k text message image 6

So next time someone basically says “f*ck you” over text with “K,” give it right back to them.

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  1. Snowflake
    I get an “I am running late will be there soon” or some such. I am prepping to go out. A quick “K” means got it, no worries. If I want to give some the middle finger I would be more obvious. You have now created a meaning your readers will now apply
    And when a newbie to texting just wants to make it simple you have now condemned them, unwittingly to them.

  2. How about all these drama-babies get OVER it?

    Seems to me, if the worst thing happening to you is someone wrote you a “K,” then your life is pretty f’n good.

    Because I’ll write you a K when I mean “I understand your most recent post, and have nothing further to contribute.”

    I’ll send a K! when I mean “Yes, sure, got it, no problems, I am on the case!”

    I’ll send a Kk when acknowledging a request (“Will you thaw the chicken?” “Kk”)

    Or an Mmmmmk (or Mmmmmkaaay) when I mean “I disagree with you but I am still open to your discussion and argument, please continue.”

    Because sometimes it’s clear someone has a full head of conversational steam up, and I want to hear them out…but if they stop for a while, they’re waiting on me, so…



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