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Just Do It: How Living In The Moment Will Make You A Happier Person

This isn’t really just about that homework or essay that you decided to do 30 minutes before they’re due; this isn’t just about that exam you only studied 15 minutes for; and this isn’t just about the things you put off for school or work.

This is more than that.

This is about that haircut you’ve always wanted to have; or the dress you’ve tried on countless times before, but won’t buy because it’s not the right time; it’s about that dinner your parents scheduled with you, but you keep postponing due to unknown reasons; it’s about that vacation you’ve been planning for months but can’t push through with yet; this is about the life you’ve always wanted…Do you really have to wait this long?

I get it. You think you still have enough time to accomplish everything you have in mind, but what if you suddenly don’t?

I mean, here you are, in your early 20‘s (or younger) with your whole life ahead of you; You can always reschedule, right? Here are three reasons why you should stop putting things off until later (no matter how old or young you are):

1. You have to take risks

If taking the risk is what’s delaying you from doing what you want to do, then, I don’t think you’re really going anywhere. At some point, you have to let go and just get on with it! You can’t possibly get results if you haven’t even really started.

2. Getting things done = sense of accomplishment

Remember that instance you had to talk to someone for the first time? You might have felt scared at first because you didn’t know how to start the conversation (let alone, how it will end), but since you had enough courage at that time (or maybe you had a great set of friends that egged you on) you eventually did it – Hoorah!

Did it end badly?

If it did, do you regret doing it? If you do, will it make you feel better not knowing? I bet not.

3. You’ll never know what tomorrow may bring

Cliché, I know, but it’s the truth. You have to stop telling yourself that you still have enough time because the truth is this is indefinite.

Do you think that trending haircut would still be the “in” thing if you wait until the next month or so? Do you think that dress will still be available next week? What about that vacation? What if some bizarre natural occurrence damages the place you wanted to go to? Or, on a lighter note, the airfare you were eyeing on dramatically inflates to the point that you will have to wait another time?

What then?

So, go buy that dress; get that haircut you’ve been pinning on Pinterest multiple times (even Pinterest is getting tired of showing you, “You’ve pinned that already”); meet up with your friends from high school, your family, or anyone you’ve been dodging (for some reason) for quite a long time already; submit that application form; etc.


Regardless of the type of task you have at hand, I suggest you make a list and start crossing things out by telling yourself that, “today is a good day for me to start.”

Featured image via Frank Park on Unsplash



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