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5 Reasons Why All Guys Should Date A Girl Who Does Yoga

I initially went to yoga because I though it was the ~trendy~ thing to do (and let’s be real, I absolutely hate the treadmill and ellipticals are stupid to me). Little did I know that it would become a huge staple in my life, a constant in my weekly routine and an appropriate reason to buy tons of yoga pants.

I think yoga is awesome, and I’ll be the first to get everyone to try it. But besides all the health benefits it gives you (flexibility, mindfulness, great toned legs), I think that yogis are also relationship gurus. I guess I should let my boyfriend actually attest to that, but regardless, I think that if you practice yoga, you automatically become better at relationships. Don’t believe me? Take a deep cleansing breath and read on.

Yogis are balancing experts

And no, I’m not just talking about doing Tree pose. Yoga combines calming your mind and controlling your body, and sometimes literally is a balancing act. So in relationships, they know the importance of couple time vs. alone time. We’ll let you have your guys’ night and make priorities for our girls. Relationships are about compromise, and yogis know just how much to give and take.

We won’t give up on you

We’re pretty damn determined and always say ‘yes’ to a challenge. We’ve fallen countless times and have always gotten up, attempted a pose for 6 months before actually mastering it and usually wake up at the crack of dawn just to practice. So we’ll fight for you and never give up on our relationships. We’re not used to taking the easy way out, so when times get tough, you know we’ll be right by your side.

Confidence is second nature for us

You gotta be confident if you’re twisted like a pretzel and the guy behind you in class is clearly checking out your ass. We own our sweat in all its glory, and we’ll confidently strike a pose because otherwise we’ll fall. Confidence is sexy on everyone, regardless of gender. And who doesn’t want to date a confident partner who looks great in leggings?

Yogis are flexible

Yes, for that reason (wink wink)…but also for the unexpected things that come up in life. You can’t plan everything (especially with relationships) and yogis know how to breeaaaatheeee through a situation to stay calm. You won’t see us lose our cool often. When everyone is happy and calm, your relationship benefits.

We’ll really appreciate you

I found that the more I practiced yoga, the more appreciative I became for the small things in life. Yoga happens in moments, and you’re forced to be present through them all. So when we’re with you, we’re really with you. We take note of the small smiles you give us, love you more for your thoughtfulness, and tell you how much we care more often than not. Yoga is about good vibes, and we like to share them with people we love.

Whether you want to touch your toes (it took me 4 months of classes to do that, tbh) or just want to be better in relationships, yoga is amazing for all aspects of life. So break out your yoga pants and step on the mat. Your body and S.O. will thank you.

Featured image via Editor Belal on Pexels



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