Word To The Y’s: 8 Clever Words You Need To Start Using

After going through an article on Gnushare, I found myself awestruck at the love and soul in creativity from this generation.

You’ve seen all of the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages with picture quotes, backdrops, inspiration and advice for those of us belonging to Generation Y, but you probably haven’t seen anything like this. After reading this article, you’ll be wishing these were found in an actual dictionary somewhere. They may not be your run-of-the-mill words, but this is exactly why we are a generation built on discovery, creativity, and being different. (I think this would make a bomb-a** dictionary if you ask me).

1. On a scale of 1-10, how ambitchous are you?


2. Single, taken, or that “other” category, we should all make a little more time for ourselves.

Thumbnail for 12230

3. I can’t do small talk. If you’re on a first date, that’s one thing, but I want meaningful conversations in my life.


4. Have you ever been in a car or in line with a person who does this? It’s terrible, really.


5. Reasons why I love getting off work: going to bed.


6. Sometimes, it’s not about why you went somewhere. It’s that you even went in the first place.


7. We’ve all had that friend who does this.


8. Three hours later…. The anticipation is real.


Pretty awesome, right? Ok, so maybe these words haven’t made their way into Webster’s yet, but they are so relevant to the lives of teens and 20-somethings today. Be sure to check out the full list 24+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add to a Dictionary on Gnushare’s website! (And for more words you might not know but probably should, check out this blog. I went digging for more Generation Y terminology, and this one was pretty cool!)

Featured Image via Tumblr.



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