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5 Signs You Are Just Too Lazy To Clean

I am an interesting breed of human that loves a clean, organized space but can never seem to get it together enough to make it happen. It’s the curse that comes with being lazy yet uptight and slightly OCD.

If you can relate to any of these 5 things, you might just be part of the club.

1. You get bored cleaning.

Cleaning is a necessity, and you can love a clean house and even enjoy cleaning but after a while, it loses it’s appeal. I can be totally into a daily project of organizing or tidying up and then suddenly end up on the couch watching Netflix. The reality is, no matter how important or rewarding cleaning is, I can always think of a million more interesting things I’d rather be doing.

2. If an outfit can’t be washed and dried I don’t need to own it.

Although I care about my appearance and have specific styles of clothing I like, I have never been “into” fashion. I do not own anything that would be classified as a high fashion item. I do not own any “dry clean only” clothing. I feel that if something can’t be tossed in the washing machine with a load of laundry, it’s not something I want or can handle the responsibility of owning. And, if I happen to accidentally purchase something a little too classy for me and ruin it by washing it, I justify my mistake by saying that if it can’t be cared for the way I like, I don’t need it.

3. You always have energy to find something when you need it but never to clean up afterwards.

When trying to stay organized, we come up with places to put everything to ensure they’re out of sight and appear orderly. This always causes the same problem: things go missing. During the process of searching for these missing items, we will tear apart our entire house and search until we find what we’re looking for. However, when all is said and done, we suddenly cannot summon the energy to clean up after ourselves. The house will remain in disarray until our next burst of cleaning inspiration.

4. You insist on doing everything right this minute, then do it half‐assed.

You come home and take in the reality of just how disastrous your house has gotten. Suddenly, you can’t live like this and things need to get tidied up. Logically, you should just tidy up what’s necessary then have a game-plan for tackling the heavy cleaning. But no, you must get all the cleaning done and you must get it done right now. This always ends the same way, tons of dust missed when sweeping, things put away in the most random places possible, and you disappointed with the results of your efforts.

5. You can come up with any explanation as to why your cleaning isn’t done.

When people visit or your roommate mentions the house is a mess, you have an arsenal of excuses as to why you haven’t done your work. Whether it’s schoolwork getting in the way, being tired, out of time, you found a new show on Netflix and you need counseling for your addiction, or you forgot how to use your limbs suddenly and couldn’t get up to clean. We all know it’s never true and you simply felt like watching TV instead.

We’re a little lazy sometimes and life is too short to waste it obsessively cleaning. Sometimes we’d rather avoid looking around at our mess and just enjoy ourselves.

If loving to clean but being too lazy to execute it is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Featured image via Wallace Chuck on Pexels



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