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From Crop Tops To Blouses: 5 Fashion Stages Every Woman Goes Through

You open up a year book and look back at your outdated style and think to yourself, “damn what was I thinking?” This is something that happens to everyone: at some point in everyone’s life they will be suckered into a trend that they think is pretty rad until one day you realize using words like rad aren’t cool anymore and neither are those overalls. Here are the basic style trends everyone in our generation has gone through in their own style evolution.

  1. The American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister, or Aeropostale phase. This phase is the time where every preteen or teenager, depending on where you lived, wore only clothes with their store labels plastered on the front. If it didn’t have the store’s name, it at least had an animal logo on the front. Although those clothes are pretty decently made, this phase doesn’t normally last forever. However, we’ll always be thinking about all those hot guys on the cover of the bags.
  2. The “Emo” phase: Some teens are misunderstood and there is no better way to show it other than through heavy eyeliner, rainbow colored hair, facial piercings, and skull clothing promoting death and heavy metal bands. Once your hormones level out, this phase also tends to pass.
  3. The sweatpants phase: This is the “I don’t care about life” phase where school is boring and sweatpants are the easiest thing to put on when heading out the door. This excludes leggings. I’m talking full out grey baggy sweat pants. Sometimes with socks and sandals. We all know you went there.
  4. The scandalous phase: Usually beginning in late teens to adulthood, this is the time when your body is hot and your style is hotter. Crop tops are a great example of this trend. You’re finally beginning to understand what it means to be your own person, and in return you’re finding your own style and following trends that interest you. This could be vests, dresses, tight leather pants, you name it and you rock it – for now at least.
  5. The grown up phase: There comes a time in everyone’s young adult years where they realize they can’t party and wear bras for tops for the rest of their lives. This is a phase where we begin to dress a little more conservative and begin building a career-friendly wardrobe. However, everyone is different. Whether you’re preppy or edgy, your adult style is often influenced by past trends, only just a little bit suited for more business than pleasure.

As everyone grows up, so will their style. No matter what phase you’re in right now, cherish it, because it won’t last forever. You will look back in your fifties at all your old photographs and say “oh dear what was I thinking,” but secretly we’ll all be thinking “if only I could be that young again.”

Featured image via Laura Chouette on Unsplash



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