The Top 10 Female TV Characters Of All Time

We are the generation where the term “binge watching” has made its debut. Some may think that our reliance on technology is a bad thing, but the media has been an outlet that has made huge steps for women all over the world.  All of the television shows that we so dedicatedly watch week after week influence our daily lives. Strong female characters on television can help shape who you are – at least they did for me, anyway. Here are some of the top female characters that have paved the way for women and are a positive role model for women in the making.

1. Lucy Ricardo: Otherwise known as Lucille Ball who starred in the Lucy show. Her mischievous and comical character paved the way for women. Constantly defying her husband and getting herself into all sorts of trouble showed women that being yourself can be a wonderful and hilarious thing.


2. Fran Fine: This Jewish New Yorker was the main character of The Nanny. An outspoken, mischievous and fashionable woman, she raised another man’s children and taught a broken family what it means to love one another. All while being her sassy self, too!

fran fine

3. Samantha Jones: One single phrase can describe this Sex and the City female, from her line in Sex and the City: The Movie: “I love you, but I love me more.” Samantha was loud and proud when it came to her sexuality. Not only did she have more sex partners than she could keep track of, but she constantly fought for respect for women in the workforce. She taught women everywhere that it’s okay to be brutally honest about your sexuality, and that loving yourself should always come first.


4. Charlotte York: In contrast from Samantha Jones, this Sex and the City character was a hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist. Her constant search for love and her strict rules on dating and sex spoke to women all over the world. She showed its okay to want to find love and marriage, and that having high expectations is nothing to be ashamed about.


5. Summer Roberts: This OC character evolved from a shallow teen to a selfless environmentalist. Her spunky personality always kept everyone on their toes, and she always demanded respect. She won everyone over by being herself, and in return she grew into a selfless woman who no longer cared about being the best dressed, but about the world and others around her.


6. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: This Saturday Night Live dynamic duo made their way into thousands of hearts showing modern day women that being funny and smart are both possible. They covered political issues and laughed their way into movies and shows such as Baby Mama, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation.

tina and amy

7. Jessica Day: The main character of New Girl has made a break through for the quiet, quirky girls that are awkward and better at crafts than talking to men. Giving this type of girl new found confidence all over the globe is just one of the things this character does. Her honesty, love and passion for teaching shows that small things in life should never be taken for granted.


8. Mindy Lahiri: The main character of The Mindy Project is one that so many women of our generation can relate to. Not only does she keep up with the Kardashians, but her quick wit and spunky personality shows that you don’t have to fit into a mould society makes for you. She seems nothing like the doctors we’re used to, but she shows that anything is possible. Her honesty about food and weight gain are another reason why this girl is totally relatable to women everywhere.


9. The main characters of Girls: From Hanna and Marnie, to Shoshanna and Jess, the main characters of Girls reflect so many different types of women of our generation trying to make it in today’s world. As we watch these girls mature and learn what it’s like to live in the real world, we learn how we can deal with the obstacles that life throws our way.


10. Olivia Pope: This Scandal character is the epitome of women all over the world. She’s smart, powerful and sexy. She shows how to handle a stressful situation, and how to demand respect from the most powerful men in the world. Her big heart and instincts guide her through life, and she is always confident that she can handle anything that comes her way.


These are only a few of the influential characters of television, there are countless characters that could be mentioned. Each and every one has made a difference in some way. I’m sure you all have some that meant a lot to you that didn’t make this list, if you have one that you feel could be a part of the list, please, leave a comment below!

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