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12 Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand

Everyone knows that coffee is a delicious and energizing beverage that many Americans drink daily. But any coffee lover will tell you; coffee is more than a beverage. It is a lifestyle. Whether you crave it for the caffeine or the satisfying flavor, you’ll understand why a cup of coffee can turn a bad day into a fabulous one.

1. A cup of coffee is basically a handful of love:

2. You’ll have days like these:

3. Often your passion for coffee makes you emotionally vulnerable:

4. You want every last sip to yourself:

5. An empty pot is your worst enemy:

6. Every time you take a sip you feel like this:

7. You might need coffee to function properly:

8. Sometimes you overdo it:

9. You’re both embarrassed and proud of how much coffee you drink:

10. You’ll get your fix no matter the quality of your coffee:

11. Some of your friends are a bit concerned:

12. But you don’t care; it’s delicious:

So, to those who thrive on their morning cup of Joe, raise your mugs high in appreciation of a drink like no other. Let’s celebrate the delightful sips of goodness we call coffee.

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