What Are We Thinking: The 8 Latest WTF Fashion Trends

In the 90’s, we wore leotards with jeans. In the 2000’s, we sported denim mini-skirts with mesh tops. What the f*ck were we thinking? We’re now well into the second decade of the 21st century and we’re seeing these styles come and go as fleeing “hipster trends.” As soon as these trends start, we hope to see them gone. For some, it brings back childhood memories. But for others, well, we’re just hoping we don’t have to see these trends for very long.

1. Culottes.


Okay, I don’t know about anyone else, but this is bringing me back to fourth grade. Anyone else remember gauchos? I sure do. These are basically like a grown-up version of gauchos. I understand that we all love the high waist trend right now, but we have to stop somewhere.

2. Harem Pants.

Harlem pants

I think of the Biebs when I hear these words. Harem pants are like the ugly version of joggers; all you need to add is a drop crotch. These were a trend for a minute, so it’s understandable if you have them, because they were splashed all over Forever 21’s website. My recommendation? Burn these, immediately.

3. Claw Nails.

claw nails

This is a trend I’ll never understand. Kylie Jenner is known for this type of acrylic. How do you even type with those things on? What, are you trying to be catwoman, or something? And anyone that wears contacts will understand that we could never, ever, get our contacts out with those things on. Stick to the original French manicure, please.

4. Platform Shoes.

platform boots

For as long as this trend has been around, I’m struggling to find a pair that I actually like. We all want to grow a few more inches, because who doesn’t want to be as tall as a supermodel? If you want to change your height for the night, stick to a normal pair of heels.

5. Black Lipstick.

black lipstick

This is a really popular trend on “hipster,” Tumblr blogs. While it’s totally artsy and grungy, it should stay in the make-up bags of professionals, for like, ever. If you’re wanting a darker lip color, try a plum shade, plum is totally acceptable.

6. Fanny Packs.

fanny pack

I don’t know why these came back into style. It was a fashion trend in the 90’s that should have stayed in the 90’s. When I see these I’m assuming that you are going to an amusement park with your four children. So if you’re not headed in your mini-van to spend your day waiting in roller coaster lines, leave the fanny pack at home.

7. Accent Nail.

accent nail

This had about a year’s worth of being in style, but now it’s time to retire this trend. From now on, let’s agree to keep all our nails the same color, and keep the nail art to a minimal. This was cute while it lasted, but now we should find a new nail trend, such as keeping all our nails the same color.

8. Heel-less Shoes.

heelless shoes

Lady Gaga started this trend, that’s when you know it shouldn’t stick around. These make feet look like hooves. I wonder what happens when you get too drunk to walk, do you end up looking like a newborn calf? Is it even possible to walk in these comfortably? It’s like walking on your tiptoes the entire day. All I can possibly think about that is: calf cramps. Also, you’re paying full price for half a shoe? Just think about it.

When Taylor Swift said, “we never go out of style,” she certainly wasn’t referring to these fashion trends. Put these trends away, far far away, where they cannot be reached again. You can thank me later.

All images via Pinterest

Featured Image by Traveller_40


  1. This is so narrow-minded. How about we stop caring whether something is trendy or not and just wear whatever we like?

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  3. That “fanny pack” pic you have is actually a drop leg bag/pouch. The fanny pack COULD actually go on your fanny. It’s just a belt with an oblong pack on it. I think retailers who are attaching the fanny pack tag to the ones you pictured are just trying to get exposure from the trend.


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