this is my town

You’re looking at the southwest corner of our courthouse square. That two story building on the left houses my studio – specifically, the first floor houses my studio. After working a little late, I noticed this gorgeous sunset just out the window. With camera and tripod in hand, I headed into the street and ended up with this image.

I love it here! It’s a small town and not much happens. Certainly not much changes over the years (even decades). But, this where I first saw what a city looked like. Where I got my first ice cream cone. Where my mom drove weekly to buy groceries and occassionally a toy for me. And I always got to go with her. This is where I got my first hair cut, and first went to a public school. It’s where I first learned what a swimming pool was. Where I met my best friends, who are still my friends almost a half century later. Where my grandma cared for her gardens and taught me about plants, and the townwhere she took her last breath. Where I got my first black eye. Where my favorite cafe in the world is. This is where I yearned to be when things got tough while I was in the Army. It’s the place I judge all other places from. There are people here that I dispise, and people I would give my life for. It’s where I first saw the light of day, and where all my children were born. And it’s where I plan on spending the rest of my life.

I love this town. This is my town.


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