New Zealand Catcalling Video Shows Americans Don’t Know How To Treat Women

I’m sure we all have seen the latest video of a young attractive female walking the streets of NYC who was verbally harassed with unwanted comments. If you’re one of the very few people who have not seen this video, you can find it here:


After watching this disturbing video, that I’m sure almost every single female can relate to, I came across a video where a male basically states, ‘Catcalls are compliments! Get over it!’ If you know what it feels like to be followed, or called at like a piece of meat, or singled out by someone trying to “compliment” you, then you probably feel just as pissed off at this remark as I do. Clearly most of the men, nowadays, have lost all touch with chivalry and what it means. Some men expect us women to either deal with it, or be a strong woman and tell the catcallers off. But being female, we know better than to do that.

Women never know when the man who says, “Hello,” and doesn’t get a response from us will turn violent and aggressive. As a result, every, “Hello,” from a stranger is unwelcome. I’m sure we’ve all dealt with this at some point in our lives, we don’t respond to a, “Hello,” and that quickly escalates into threats and intimidation. So no, “Hello,” and “How are you,” is not harmless. Just don’t. We don’t like it, and we don’t like living in fear for our safety just because we’re female. We never know which “Hello” will escalate into a situation where our lives are in danger.

There’s also the confusion that street harassment happens everywhere, it’s not just America. First of all, LOL, and secondly, as you see in the following video, New Zealand happens to know a thing or two on chivalry and respect for women:


Now what does this say about America? As a society, we’ve lost respect for women. We see women as sex objects rather than someone’s daughter, sister, or girlfriend/wife. The video that takes place in New York City does a good representation of what the average girl wears in any major city. It also demonstrates the range of the not so aggressive comments like, “Have a nice day!” to the moderately offensive, “DAMN!” to the really uncomfortable situation where the guys follow behind.

It all comes down to understanding social etiquette. We live in a society where showing no interest in talking or interaction simply means, leave them alone. Us women just want to be able to just walk down the street without having some guy feel like it’s their duty to ‘brighten our day’ with unwanted catcalls.

However, we as a constantly evolving culture are in serious need of a lesson regarding complete gender equality and the seriousness of catcalling. Catcalls are not compliments…ever. Catcalls are offensive, and to be honest, they are plain obnoxious. Men, women do not appreciate or enjoy being hollered at, and catcalling will get you no closer to getting her number. If your intentions are sincere and you want to give a compliment, there are plenty of ways to do so that aren’t offensive and don’t include a whistle or you noticing what jean brand is labeled on her ass. Be original with your ‘compliments’. And most importantly, when in doubt and you’re unsure whether it will be taken kindly, keep it to yourself.

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  1. I had a friend work at a mushroom and goat farm in Norway this summer. When she told them that we have dress codes in our schools because girls are “distracting to boys,” the family said, “but, that’s not her fault! The boys should know to control themselves around girls, regardless of what she is wearing.”

    She said the family really couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea that girls need to “watch what they wear” all for the sake of a boys sex drive. Because over there, people in general actually know a bit more respect than Americans do, and that is really upsetting.

    • Wow. Sarah, that is unbelievable. You’re exactly right when you say the boys should know to control themselves around girls. It’s always the blame game. It’s so absurd and ridiculous!


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