12 Reasons Why ‘The Perfect Proposal’ Video Was Actually The Worst Proposal

It’s not abnormal for me to spend the larger portion of my day scoffing at the articles and videos that have gone viral on Facebook; Sometimes it’s a riveting ‘What kind of sandwich are you?’ quiz; Sometimes it’s a (surprisingly believable) article about how the death of a recent celebrity was all a hoax; Sometimes it’s a video of a guy coming home to his dog from the war -it all varies. But yesterday it was ‘The Perfect Proposal,’ and girls went nuts. 

I honestly don’t even know where to start… There is just so much wrong with this proposal video.

1. The Couple.

Um, do they even know each other?

I guess we should begin with the text prelude so kindly provided for us (our first warning that this is a nightmare)-

“After numerous Skype dates, phone calls, and 350,000 sky miles, Levy decided it was time to ask Tiffany to be his wife.”

I mean, do I even need to waste the energy explaining how ridiculous this sounds? Here are two young people who have never even lived in the same city, let alone same apartment and Levy thinks it’s time to get married. Where’s your logic, Levy? This is a terrible idea. He doesn’t even know what her breathe smells like, she doesn’t even know if he snores! This is going to be a disaster, and I hope they make a divorce video.

2. Him

I hated him as soon as I saw him. Everything from his tucked-in shirt to his underbite, it’s all disgusting.

3. Her

Why is she dressed like a tween? Why is she so awkward and uncomfortable?

Wait, I’ll answer that. She’s experiencing the worst proposal ever, to a complete stranger. Also, why can’t this bitch walk? She looks like a drunk baby giraffe

4. A 13.5 Hour Long Engagement

Let me get this straight…she knew the entire day that she was going to be getting proposed to? This raises my blood pressure and now I need a snack.

5. The Limo

A proposal should not have the same vibe as a Sweet 16 birthday party. This is so wrong and so tacky.

The only good part about this video so far is that he said “mimosas” …but then quickly ruined by the worst part when he says the sweet 16 limo proposal limo is “stocked with tissues.”

At this point, I just want to punt this guy in the shin.

6. The waste of money. 

Hello guys, when it comes to your proposal, please spend most cents on the diamond. I’m assuming it was him who paid for all of her friends to fly out, that’s adding up to a couple grand in my head. Not to mention the several mani-pedis and lunch bill. While some girls might like this idea, all this is doing is adding dollar signs in my head to how much bigger her diamond could have been.

Her friends don’t seem like the ‘salad and water’ kind of gals either.

7. Scratch the nail salon, entirely.

This is fucking weird. This should be the best friends duty. It’s her job to figure out a way to make sure her friend has a nice manicure before her left hand makes its debut on Instagram.

Guys, just get a dope ring. Most girls I know always have their nails painted anyway. I mean, if you don’t have a gel mani on right now, then honestly what are you doing with your life?

8. ‘The Proposal Dress’

Oh, I didn’t know you got to PICK OUT what you were going to wear the night you got proposed to BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE.

(I could write a whole other article on her dress choice.)

9. His Friends.

Well, they all look 14.

And why are half of them in athletic clothes and the other half in suits? Now I’m annoyed at how much it probably cost him to hire the local high schools Mathlete team to play as his friends for the day.

These are all expenses that could be being added to the diamond.

10. He Proposed on a Football Field. 


11. Basic Boring Speech.

Everything he said was all things I’ve heard before. I couldn’t find an sliver of passion between them, it was like a bad Drew Barrymore movie. I don’t even think he knows her favorite color. I’m honestly not quite sure she knows his name!

Also, his grand plan of having both their parents there is a disgusting way for them to meet for the first time. Her poor father.

12. The Ring

Just because I’m on a hating roll, the ring looks like a stale Cinnabon…and that’s all this video did for me, was make me want to go get a Cinnabon.

Getting proposed to is supposed to be one of the most intimate and magical moments in a girls entire life. This video is actually my nightmare proposal, a big part of it being that it’s on video and available for a girl to write a critical blog about. I don’t want a random camera crew around when I’m getting a pedicure (mainly because I’m ticklish) but definitely not when I’m being proposed to on a stinky football field. It was clearly all about him and what he wanted. I really only have one requirement for my proposal– it’s that having hate-YouTube-comments on the most important moment of my life to not be an option. The whole thing was awful except for that she was able to get a little tipsy along the way.

Understanding why no one would want to propose to me,



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  1. You hated a black guy marrying a white girl as soon as you saw him? Maybe it’s just me but it sounds like you need to explain a little more so as not to sound like a silly person.

  2. Well it’s obvious to tell from your article that you know nothing about this couple. Since Tiffany Rogers is my sister, please let me enlighten you.

    1. Tiffany and Levy know each other better than any two people I know. As far as them not spending anytime together… well they spent all last summer together facilitating leadership workshops in Washington DC. Levy’s has spent countless time in Michigan and Tiffany in California. Levy has stayed with our family for at least a month at a time during Christmas break. He’s been on family vacations with us. Also they are currently LIVING together in Florida pursing Master degrees at UF. So yeah, they’ve spent enough time together.

    2. Levy is awesome. Plain and simple. I could not want more for my sister. I’m so excited to have him as a brother,

    3. Tiffany awkward and not stylish?? That’s a joke. This girl has been on the pageant circuit her whole life. She’s competed at Miss Michigan through the Miss America Organization multiple times, and placed in the top ten. She also has plans to compete in Miss Florida through the Miss USA organization. Tiffany is the most talented, stylish, well-spoken, and graceful person I know.

    4. The first letter I delivered to her, Levy explained that he knew he could propose to her anyway and knew she would say yes. But he wanted Tiffany to have an entire day devoted to her and celebrating their love. Tiffany is such a selfless person and barely takes 5 minutes for herself. To give Tiffany an entire day devoted to showing her just how much she means to him, was the ultimate gesture. Also he surrounded her with the people she loves the most. Some of those friends she hadn’t seen in over a year, she was blown away by his thoughtfulness.

    5. The limo was a fun way to transport the 20 people we had with us during that day. He wanted us to be able to celebrate, drink, and enjoy our time together.

    6. Also as far as the money, Levy has been saving since he was 12. And trust me, he didn’t skimp on her ring. The diamond is huge, if it had been any larger, it would look ridiculous. Levy did NOT pay for all our flights. We each paid for own flight out to California. He did,however, help each of us find the most economical option for each of us. Part of the reason it took 17 months was he wanted to give each of us ample of time to save for our flights. I think we all saved under $20 a month for it, and were able to purchase them by the end.

    7. Levy thought EVERY detail through. Not only did he want to have Tiffany feel comfortable showing off her ring, he wanted to do something nice for all the girls that came to California. I’m sorry his thoughtfulness bothers you. This guy is just the definition of selfless.

    8. What girl would not love a shopping spree??? He wanted her to have the opportunity to go shopping with her friends for a beautiful dress, shoes, and jewelry for that special night.

    9. His friends are great by the way. And I’m sorry you were unable to follow the chain of events in the video. Before us girls arrived, the guys wanted to play football at the ROSE BOWL. How many regular guys get that opportunity unless you’re a college football star??? Not very many. Hence the athletic clothes. Then when they got the call we were on our way, they changed into their suits for the main event.

    10. That football field is the ROSE BOWL!!! One it is where they first MET over 4 years ago. Two Tiffany is a graduate of Michigan State University. MSU played at the Rose Bowl last year and WON!!! Tiffany and Levy were at the game. If you are not a Spartan, you have no idea the significance standing on that field holds.

    11. Levy’s speech was the most genuine and heartfelt thing I have ever heard. I’ve watched that video multiple times and I still cry every time I hear what he says to her. Also on the field was not the first time our parents met. My entire family actually flew out the weekend before, and spent the entire weekend with his lovely family. His family lives in California and we live in Michigan, hence the reason it took us a while to meet. But I can tell you, our families love each other and our mothers are even convinced that they were separated at birth, because they were friends instantly.

    12. The ring is beautiful and unique. Tiffany is in love with it, so your opinion really doesn’t matter.

    Levy’s proposal to Tiffany was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. That entire day was a testament to his love for her. Tiffany is the most amazing sister I can ask for and Levy is the only guy I would ever consider remotely good enough her. Again I’m so excited to have him as a brother in the near future. You know nothing about this couple, so please don’t pretend that you do. You just sound jealous and very unhappy with yourself, so please quit spreading lies across the internet.

    Ashley Rogers

    • I absolutely love the proposal. The writer is bitter. Maybe she never experienced love this good so she cannot comprehend it. We are with you and your family. I wish them all the best.

  3. Someone sounds a little jealous. Actually a lot jealous. If you’re trying to tell me that you wouldn’t love all of that: spending time with your friends, a free shopping spree, trip to the nail salon, mimosas, and all that jazz- you’re a liar. I could understand how the cameras in your face or the lack of spontaneity would be distressing, and I feel the same way, but to be honest- would you really care? If someone is- not just saying that they love you and want to be with you for the rest of their life- but then proving it through amazing (and expensive) gestures, would it really “bother” you so much? Honestly, I think what really bothers you isn’t her awkward gait (as you suggested) or the sweet 16 limo, but knowing that no one would do the same for you or even similar, not in a football field, not in a restaurant, probably not anywhere, even if you were the last female on Earth. You’re just bitter, jealous, rude, and trashy- preying on everything from the groom’s teeth to her friends’ figures? Pathetic, really, and you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking this, never mind throwing this trash you call writing out into the world. It should’ve stayed locked up in your crazy, bitter head. It’s pretty clear that you’ve never been in love, and so for that I do feel some pity for you. If you have ever truly been in love, you would know that it is the one thing that makes you forget about what you look like to everyone else and what they think- so yeah sometimes you end up looking like a drunken baby giraffe or you let your underbite show and you don’t appeal to everyone, because you only care about that one person. You don’t care if they snore or have bad breath or all those stupid physical things that don’t matter- you just care about them. So why don’t you take this fiery passion you have and put it into your own life and relationships- it would give you less time to hate on those of others. Also stop putting yourself into everything. This proposal was clearly intended and made for Tiffany and not you- he did the things he knew SHE would appreciate, not you. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s awful because he’s not proposing to you and no one will if you keep being a hater and focusing so much on trivial and physical details. Personally, I wouldn’t want a proposal like this either, but I have the ability to watch it, think “good for them”, close it, and then go on with my life. You should try it out sometime.

  4. I thought it was sweet. We all have different personalities and preferences so maybe that wouldn’t be your ideal proposal, but no need to bash it.

  5. if this is what you considering being a comedian than you need to do a little more research. your comments aren’t funny, they are rude and cruel and someone within the family has already stumbled upon them. Sure everyone has their own opinions and maybe this isn’t how you want to be proposed too. Sure he isn’t your type. But that’s why Tiffany is Levy’s man. And that’s why this is Tiffany and Levy’s proposal. If I’m being honest, it might not have been my ideal proposal, but it was still absolutely beautiful and absolutely sickening to even speak or wish divorce upon two people. Have you never heard that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all? I truly pray that you aren’t this negative all the time and I also pray that you don’t spend your days bashing other people because that sounds like a sad life. Have a little common courtesy

  6. I was going to write something about what a miserable person you must be, and then I saw that literally no one else thinks you’re funny or liked your article either, so I won’t bother.


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