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Why We Shouldn’t Be Sorry For Partying

There is nothing better than partying. Being with friends, dancing, singing, playing games and yes, even drinking. But unlike my peers who choose not to drink or party, my lifestyle is under constant scrutiny. I’m exhausted from explaining the activities I choose to partake in and frankly, I don’t understand why they need an explanation. It’s time we end the negative stereotypes associated with party people.

I am blessed with the opportunity to study in New Orleans. And I love it. I love the parties; people here can party on a Tuesday and it’s just acceptable. But it in no way defines our lives. Though my party experience in Nola is unique, excessive drinking for any college area is not abnormal. We are at the age where partying on a Tuesday is FINE. If this intrigues you, take advantage of it! You only experience college once and if drinking before a huge exam is how you choose to spend it, so be it!

Like most things in life, you can abuse alcohol. There’s a name for that actually, it’s called alcoholism and some of your friends might have it. But attacking somebody who parties by calling them an alcoholic is not okay. We have our fun, you have yours. Since it’s considered inappropriate to attack someone for being sober, why be a hypocrite and attack those who do drink? It’s all our personal decisions and all a matter of opinion, really. Yes, there are negative side effects to drinking. There are also negative side effects to being too stressed or over eating. Everything in moderation, my people.

The Facebook judgment is especially hard on those who party often. Some of my pictures have red solo cups in them, sometimes there’s an alcohol bottle in the back. I drink a lot, so what other pictures will I put on Facebook? Me in the library? Cause I’m there a lot too, but I’m not having much fun. Facebook is not a summary of people’s entire lives, so assuming those who have party pictures only do such is well…inaccurate. I understand the future employer dilemma, but there are also ways to keep these pictures private to your friends.

You’re in college; if you like to party and drink, that’s NORMAL. Do not feel the need to apologize to anyone about what you find enjoyable, even if they might not approve of it. Keep on partying, my party people, and may your hangovers be as painless as possible.

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