True Life: I Hate People Who Hate Gay People

I was raised as a good Catholic girl, and I have the Trinity tattoo by my ass to prove it.

I attended Sunday School for eight years, and then taught it for the ensuing four. As if that wasn’t enough religion in my life, I’m also a proud graduate of a premium co-ed Catholic high school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

During high school, I was forced to take religion courses each semester. I read the Bible and memorized the commandments – I even sparked a few heated debates with my most zealous teacher. Basically, I learned a ton of bullshit that old white men have declared to be doctrine throughout the centuries. And while I could continue my rant, there is one specific issue that I can’t ignore: homosexuality.

First of all, it’s 2014. If you still believe that you’re a superior being because you’re attracted to the opposite sex, GTFO because you’re despicable. My brother is gay, my best friend is gay, fucking Ellen DeGeneres, the #1 most lovable woman on the entire planet, is gay. When are people going to wake up and realize that attraction isn’t a choice?

The thing is, too many people hide behind their blind beliefs to excuse their bigotry. Yes, the Bible does assert that homosexuality is an obscene offence. I acknowledge that. In fact, here is an exact verse:

Leviticus 18:22: “No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that.”

Hmm. Interesting. Let’s read more:

Leviticus 15:19: “When a woman has her monthly period, she remains unclean for seven days… Anyone who touches her bed or anything on which she has sat must wash his clothes and have a bath, and he remains unclean until evening.”

Woah, what the fuck? Essentially, our societal ethics are being dictated by a book that also claims my bed can’t be *touched* when I’m on my period? It’s amazing that the United States of America, supposedly so mighty and developed, has not evolved from a book with such convictions.

Admittedly, I follow a few self-proclaimed “Jesus Freaks” on social media, and I’m constantly disheartened by the messages they openly display. One recently caught my attention:


I mean, come on! I didn’t know that level of irony was even possible. You still love them? You’re still friends? Hmm, I might believe you if it weren’t for your blatant disregard for human dignity and equal right to love.

NEWSFLASH: The reason Christianity even exists is because of Jesus Christ. Jesus ran around with prostitutes and tended to lepers. Jesus befriended the poor and abhorred the rich – He was the ancient-day communist and equal-rights supporter. You cannot, unless you’re an utter idiot, claim to be “Christian” while also protesting gay rights. By Jesus standards, the two ideals inherently contradict.

While we are all entitled to our own opinions, it’s time to cut the crap and quit defiling the beauty of Christianity with ugly manmade sentiments. The American nation has collectively remained infamous throughout history for its poor treatment of minorities, and the rage against our country’s gay population is merely a continuation of this unfortunate trend. One day, I pray, we will all come to appreciate the vast complexities of love, and there will be discrimination no longer.

After all, as Jesus proclaimed, “there is nothing more important than love” –so why attempt to suppress any form of it?

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  1. Briagenn, interesting/uneducated opinions you hold. Let me clarify the inconsistency’s in your rant.

    – Tired of Catholic schooling? Were you forced to attend Catholic High School and teach bible school? At the age of 16 in the state of Ohio you are eligible to request a transfer to a different school.

    – You direct this article towards Catholics/Chrisitians. The title reads “I Hate People Who Hate Gay People.” Do all Christians HATE Gay People?

    – What the fuck does Ellen have anything to do with your article? If anything she discredits the title. You even yourself call her “the most loved woman in the world’- but she’s gay. Weird

    – You claim to follow people who are “Jesus Freaks.” Ever hear of the unfollow button? Or are they not allowed to post beliefs that you disagree with? You want America to stand for freedom but you in this article bitch about people posting their beliefs- ironic

    – There are hate for all types of people. Jews, Blacks, Whites, Muslims, etc. It seems unfair that you base your article on “Christians” and “Jesus Freaks” as the only “haters” of gays. In fact, most Christians do not hate gays. They do not approve of homosexual activity because they believe marriage is a right between a man and a woman.

    – And what gives you the right to call people “not christian” for opposing gay rights? Who made you infallible on who can and cannot call themselves a Christian? I think you need to turn to a different religion. News flash- Most Christians do not recognize gay rights ex. marriage. I suggest you join a new religion, maybe even atheism. The reason you are so frustrated is that you are trying to change the beliefs of MILLIONS of people. Don’t like their beliefs, than GTFO. Your confusing “not AGREEING with gay rights-marriage” to HATING. Simply not true and unfair. Have a sit down with a local priest (someone more educated than myself) and have him explain to you the beliefs of Christians about homosexuality. I bet he does not mention at any time that Christians hate gays.

    -One last question for you. You probably are aware that is illegal for a person in the United States to be married to more than one person. Why? What if I have a love for my husband and another man? He is okay that I love another man as well. But I can’t marry another man while still being married to my husband. Should this law be changed? The “Government” is denying me a marriage from a person I love!

    -Next time you right an article about people hating gays, stick to facts. Not the bashing of a Religion.

  2. Hating people who hate gays seems as pointless as hating gays. Jesus gave 2 commandments: love God and love your neighbor. He didn’t say love people who are reasonable, love people who think like you do, love people who act the way you want them to. Love people. We don’t need more hate in our world. Hate makes reasonable people do horrific things and none of us want to be on the other side of that. The recent Santa Barbara killings happened because of unchecked hatred. We can do better.


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