In Defense of the Directioner: A Fangirl Speaks Out

They are the biggest band with the highest international success right now since The Beatles. This band, with its five member powerhouse of young, strapping men making 13 year old girls’ hearts flutter and scream at decibels higher than anyone thought possible, are rocking the globe while also making 20 somethings swoon at the sound of their voice. Yes, One Direction has captured my heart along with preteen girls and converted me into a Directioner.

The only problem: I’m 20 years old.

Being a college Directioner has its ups and downs…but mostly downs. I am here to make a case in defense for these multi-talented boys. For so long I have been met with ridicule and mockery for liking this band, but I want to bring up just a few points that may change your attitude of the group. If you are a self-proclaimed Directioner you will have the tools to strengthen your defense when you run into this prejudice due to your musical tastes.

My first claim is in my response to my age and if it is appropriate to like them. Excuse me, but I think it is inappropriate for underage girls to like them.  All of the boys’ ages range from 20 to 22, so it is in fact perfectly acceptable for a college woman to enjoy listening to them. Also, many of their songs refer to things the younger audience can’t or, should I say, shouldn’t be able to identify with. For example in the song “Alive” from the most recent album, Niall states while referring to a girl he meets at a party, “I whispered something in her ear that I just can’t repeat, She said, “OK,” but she was worried what her friends will think.”  Okay, so do we really expect a 12-year-old girl to understand what he means? Niall makes it sound like a normal Friday night in a college town, not a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. Also right after this, the chorus begins questioning the girl asking if it makes her feel “alive” and, if so, that this feeling is all right. There are plenty of other moral arguments with this song that may be addressed here, but I mean, who would say no to an Irish blondie? Anyways, there is no way a 12-year-old should understand this or learn to understand this at their age so, really, I am at an acceptable age to listen to them, while the tweens are the ones who should really be questioned.

Moving on to my second claim, the boys of One Direction are, as Niall also states in the This is Us documentary, “We’re just five normal guys with an abnormal job.” The five guys that make up One Direction: Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall are really just five regular guys who happened to all try out for a singing contest and make it big. I mean they didn’t even win The X Factor, they got third. Anyways, some proof that they are all regular guys; none of them come from famous families or are socialites. They all have modern families with three of the boys having divorced parents. They all had regular lives before becoming an international phenomenon; working in bakeries and toy stores, going to school, playing sports, etc. Many of them said if they didn’t do The X-Factor, they would’ve gone to “Uni” as they say (college), or for Liam to become a firefighter (Can we just take a moment and appreciate Liam Payne in a firefighter uniform…wow).  So I’m normal, they’re normal, technically we belong together.

My final claim is that… THESE BOYS ARE TALENTED. Okay? They all can sing. This is obviously true because they tried out for a talent contest as solo artists and all made it through until they were formed into a band. This is one of the biggest misconceptions non-Directioners have about the boys. All of the boys have been singing and performing since before they were on the show or made it big either in choirs, having their own bands, being in musicals, or competing on The X-Factor before and even before that performing at a Wolverhampton Wanderers football match (*cough* Liam *cough*). And even so, how many nice, attractive, British talented boys do we ever actually meet in college? Or maybe just talented boys in general do we meet?

One final side-note: They’re beautiful.  They cover all aspects of attractiveness whether that’s blonde, playful, and dorky to dark, smoldering and mysterious, they got it.

So in conclusion, my love for One Direction should never be under attack even though they are a boy band. Boy bands from New Kids On The Block to ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys to The Jonas Brothers and now One Direction staple our generation. And every generation before us has had this same fangirl epidemic. They have an edge to them with their tight pants and great hair, they bring something different to the table instead of choreographed dances, and they’re British…so basically they’re a triple threat. I hope with this article I am able to bring an end to the mockery and harassment college girls receive because of their simple taste in music. So please non-Directioners: give the boys a try, I promise you won’t regret it.

*Disclaimer: I may or may not have been listening to them while writing this. Okay, yes, I was listening to them.


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  1. girl, preach. i’m 19 and One Direction has changed my life, for real. For almost four years now, I’ve been following them. Since the start of X-Factor UK, these boys constantly remind me to always reach for my dream. People often forget that before this, many had no job and were still in school. They show me how to live my life by such strong examples. My whole life I have suffered with not feeling good about myself.. I constantly put myself down because I never felt good enough, BUT I KNOW these boys care about me, and every single one of there fans. On January 19th, 2013, I got the tattoo, ‘these little things’, after their song, to remind me that even the things that I hate about myself and pick apart each day, are the things that make me who I am, and I have nothing to be ashamed about. now to me, i don’t care if anyone likes them or even if they like me. the important thing is that i like myself.


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