Our Story

Our Mission

Unwritten is a website for millennials written and run by millennials. It is because of this that we are an extremely relatable publication for our generation. We are the website you can turn to when your friends or family don’t have the answers or conversation you are looking for. We’re committed to giving Generation-Y the discussion they need – whether it be a source of news, a much needed laugh, a comforting shoulder to cry on, or a place to have their own stories heard. You can think of Unwritten as family who is always here when you need us the most.

Our Story

Unwritten is a company that was created by two ambitious siblings who strived to promote creative expression among Generation Y. Unwritten originated as an online consignment destination for young college women. Our curated closet included a range of items from designer clothing to vintage footwear to suit the fashion needs of any chic college student on a budget.

Six months later, we expanded to Read Unwritten after realizing our message does not end with just fashion. We created a lifestyle destination where all college students and alumni can come together to share their controversial opinions about any issue on their minds. Our goal is to be the number one website for millennials to fearlessly and limitlessly express themselves. 

Unwritten is a growing publication with over 150+ writers worldwide, reaching over 300 to 500 thousand visitors a month. We are a current contributor for Elite Daily, Medium, and The Huffington Post and are working hard every day to further develop our brand.