This One Thing May Be Affecting Your Performance At The Gym

Going to the gym is either really amazing or really terrifying/exhausting. There’s no in between.

Let’s be honest, unless you are invested into your fitness habits and find it’s a strong passion and lifestyle you live by, you don’t always feel the most confident or comfortable. You go in, see these strong and lean women with their wireless Beats headphones, protein shaker and the most adorable (and unrealistic outfit for your body type) and think; great, she’s killing it with her effortless work outs and I’m over here struggling.

We’ve all had those moments, don’t lie.

Even if we are confident in our apps that guide us through monthly challenges, the instructions of our slightly more gym knowledgeable friend and Pinterest approved exercises, or even our own routine that seems to work for you, you just don’t feel right being there.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s solely because you fear being judged by other women or men that’s preventing us from doing and feeling our best while at the gym. In fact, it’s usually something as simple as this that actually stops us.

The secret to being more motivated at the gym is what clothing you wear.

I know it sounds crazy because it’s just workout clothes, but hear me out! What you wear to the gym may be responsible for your confidence level while your in there and may subconsciously help you improve your motivation to work out.

If you want to mentally get yourself prepared to have a good workout, you need to dress the part.

Think about it, if you wear old yoga pants you usually lounge around the house in, you don’t affiliate those pants with losing weight or getting active. You relate them to being at home and being comfortable not moving. So by putting those pants on, it unknowingly makes you feel lazier when your out in public wearing them. They don’t motivate you. Plus, it may make you not focus on your workout because you’re too busy feeling self-conscious in the moment.

I find my workouts most successful when I’m dressed in proper and slightly more stylish gym clothes because in my mind if you dress the part, you play the part. Just as if you put on fancy clothes for work or vacation clothes while your traveling.

If you throw on whatever because you don’t care and get to the gym and feel like you just don’t care to be there, of course you won’t see results. Try putting a little extra effort to go and see how it changes your confidence and your ability.

I found that by getting a few cheap workout tanks/t shirts at Old Navy along with one pair of workout pants (while still keeping some of my old one’s) made the world of a difference. They have sales regularly for their work out wear where you can get a ton of items for under $8 and the quality is so nice and comfortable, yet looks fashionable.

You also don’t have to go crazy with the bright colours and funky patterns if you don’t feel comfortable. I hate how printed pants look on my thighs so I just go with a nice coloured top or a top with a motivational quote on it. You don’t have to go with an expensive brand either to look and feel the part (unless you want to, then treat yourself).

Next time you go to the gym try wearing something you normally wear and see how you feel. The next time you go after that trip wear something more sporty or athletic looking and pay attention to how you feel and how your workout went. Reflect on the two and see if you notice the difference.

If you’ve noticed this or have tried this, comment below with your feedback!

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash



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