6 Hot New Singles You Need To Listen To Right Now

Summer is approaching and musicians are blessing us with so many new projects. But before getting in the hottest season of the year, you’ve got to spoiled yourself this weekend. Whether you’re planning on a road trip, going to the club tonight, working extra, or even doing nothing at home, here is a number of brand new songs to keep you company.

Nicki Minaj – Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li

Nicki Minaj is tired of hiding! With two new grand records out, she proves that she is back in the game. Despite all the Cardi B’s alleged drama (which she finally talked about during the Zane Lowe interview) these long-awaited solo tracks from Nicki Minaj are blessing the world of Hip Hop. Nicki shows her pride and vengeance with Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li. Both songs are pure Hip Hop. If you miss Roman Zolanski, it is time for not anymore thanks to these two Bops.

Zayn – Let Me

If you need something real sweet yet healthy, maybe this latest self-produced Zayn single is what you are looking for. Let Me tells a story about a guy who falls in love with a girl, does crazy romantic things with her, and decides to take care of her if they are official. This mid-tempo pop/R&B is ‘raw’, modernly stripped back, as it depends on simple beats as well as melodious guitar and piano samples. Zayn’s bold vocal is the air that keeps the song breathing. His falsetto sounds silvery. The visual, which seems like a sequel to Dusk Till Dawn, is also ready to watch. Words of infamous, “to be continued”, rolls across the screen at the end of the music video. I bet you would answer “yes” every time he sings “Baby, let me be your man so I can love you.”

Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty

Cry Pretty is a relatable country rock ballad you need to hear. Carrie Underwood pours her honest soul into the song, and speaks her heart out on emotions she has to fake to cover her real feelings. Still and all, she empowers you that it is okay to cry ugly. After all the strong fights you have put up for ‘the neglectful world’, it is time for you to do something for you, to accept the pain, to be open to yourself, to let it flow, to cry. The powerful range of Underwood’s profound vocal (listen to the heavenly head voice towards the end of the song) and the guitar riff will put you in such a mood.

Bebe Rexha – 2 Souls on Fire feat. Quavo

If Meant to Be had a rebellious baby, 2 Souls on Fire might be the fancied child. Lead instrumentally by fat beat and heavy bass riff, Bebe and Quavo duet about their desires for each other, while teasing and promising one another. This song gives you “Bonnie and Clyde” vibe. It lets you daydream as though you were on a very long road trip with a significant other, riding huge motorcycle or sport car, stopped in the middle of desert, singing this song, and cuddling. Listen to this song yourself, and channel your be badass romantic self.

Swae Lee – Guatemala feat. Slim Jxmmi

The laid-back tropical banger is here. Influenced by French Montana’s Unforgettable (which peaked at number 3 on Billboard Hot 100 and featured Swae Lee himself), this track gives a breezy Jamaican vibe, serving up dancehall pop as the key ingredient of this danceable track. When listening to it, it feels as if it is summer already. The lyrics are basically about one’s confidences and obsession towards a girl. Then again, the beats in addition to its catchy phrases make Guatemala a nirvana. Imagine getting down on “It was way more than a two dollar holla, stole your heart like Ali Baba” with reggae-rooted beats on the background.

Tinashe – He Don’t Want It

He Don’t Want It is a seduction. Tinashe manifests her distress caused by uneasy relationship through the alternative R&B, trap influenced track, which sets a dark ambience. Her falsetto during the chorus assembles the song’s sultriness. Just every time she declares “He don’t, he don’t want it”, you will think that Tinashe will leave her man for you. Some other good song are Stuck with Me (featuring Little Dragon), Ooh La La, which comprises the legendary ‘Ooh’ from Nelly and Rowland’s Dilemma, plus the mellow Fires and Flames off her latest LP release, Joyride.

Make sure you put on your electrified self and do not sleep this weekend. No more bed. Even Selena Gomez once said “we sleep when we die”. So, make the most out of today with the help of some good music. Hey, they might be the soundtrack for any history you’re about to make today. Who knows?

Don’t forget to legally download and stream the songs to support the artists.

Featured Image via Bebe Rexha



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